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Moisture on the Carpets Ontario Real Estate Source  By Brian Madigan Ll.B. Question What are the implications of a real estate agent finding moisture on the carpeting? Answer The presence of water or water staining is always an issue. However, if it is as a result of a spill on the carpet, then t...
SPIS ~ Miersma and Pembridge Ontario Real Estate Source  By Brian Madigan LL.B.This was an application brought in October 2005 before the Superior Court of Justice of Ontario to determine whether a policy of insurance covered a false statement under a Seller Property Information Statement (SPIS) ...
SPIS ~ Morrill and Bourgeois Ontario Real Estate Source   By Brian Madigan LL.B.This case came on for trial in Superior Court of Justice at Thunder Bay in 2007. Matthew Morrill purchased a property in Thunder Bay from Mr. and Mrs. Bourgeois. They acquired the residence in 2004 from Mrs. Bourgeoi...
Terms Posted Rates Preferred Rates 6 Months 4.45% 4.40% 1 YEAR 3.60% 2.64% 2 YEARS 3.95% 3.30% 3 YEARS 4.25% 3.52% 4 YEARS 4.89% 3.54% 5 YEARS 5.39% 3.79% 7 YEARS 6.29% 4.79% 10 YEARS 6.65% 4.99% Rates are subject to change without notice. *OAC E&OE   If you require a referral to a mortgage brok...
Modern Tort Law Ontario Real Estate Source By Brian Madigan LL.B. Modern tort law began to develop in the 19th century, if truly that can be referred to as "modern". Negligence or unintentional torts grew out of the law related to trespasses on the case. The courts usually dealt with contractual ...
Torts were Trespasses Ontario Real Estate Source By Brian Madigan LL.B. In fact, in the 13th century, just about all wrongdoings to another were called "trespass". The modern system of civil procedure appears to have commenced about that time. A victim or complainant would go to the King's local ...
Separation of Torts from Crimes Ontario Real Estate Source By Brian Madigan LL.B. In the 12th century, torts and crimes were separated to some degree. While an accused could by charged with an offence by a jury of presentment, there was still another procedure available to the victim. The victim ...
Attorneys and Powers of Attorney Ontario Real Estate Source By Brian Madigan LL.B. "I am Power of Attorney for my brother Bob" is a comment that will be heard frequently. This is not technically correct. The person granting the power of attorney is the donor. The person receiving the appointment ...
Mental Incapacity Ontario Real Estate Source By Brian Madigan LL.B. In situations when you can no longer make your own decisions, having already appointing someone to act is worthwhile. Otherwise, the Court will do it for you. There are two separate issues: 1)     personal care, which includes al...
Tort Law after 1066 Ontario Real Estate Source  By Brian Madigan Ll.B. After the Norman Conquest in 1066 there were some substantial changes to the tort law system. First, it was no longer county based, but rather there was one system for the entire country, or at least that is what King William ...

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