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A new rule created by the FTC to protect Idaho homeowners from mortgage debt relief scams may have an impact on real estate professionals helping clients with short sales. In a nutshell the rule bans all upfront fees for renegotiating mortgage terms and mandates some disclosures are made to consu...
The Sendero condominiums centrally located in Boise, Idaho provides owners with modern day amenities and designer touches at an affordable price. Residents enjoy the carefree lifestyle that the Sendero condominiums provide. With easy access to the freeway, shopping, dining and recreation the Sen...
I've been reading High Trust Selling by Todd Duncan, and he poses this question in one of the chapters.  I had to stop and ponder a minute, okay, actually for a few days.  Not because I didn't know why I'm in real estate but why real estate altogether.  There are a lot of other ways to make a bu...
Do enough short sales and you're likely to get burned by a BPO agent or two.  The majority of agents I run into doing these are not what I'd call qualified to give market values in the first place.  The first issue is it stands for Broker's Price Opinion.  If you're an agent, Idaho State law say...
For 2010 I'm going to launch a couple new websites.  A burning question I've had is does it make a difference in how long I register it for?  According to Matt Cuts from Google, Nope, not really.  You should really focus on content and links before worrying about the number of years your registe...
This looks like a great course for anyone working in or interested in getting started in the new construction market. Click here for some more information about the Understanding Housing Markets and Consumers (IRM I) course.All of us in the housing industry are hoping for a better year. But what ...
Writing multiple offers on short sales in Idaho, what the law states. Distressed properties have become such a large part of our market in Boise, Idaho that you almost can't turn around without bumping into a short sale or foreclosure.  With that comes a whole new list difficulties in how to dea...
I finally heard back from the negotiator on one of my short sales today.  One thing I always like to do is establish some rapport with them and see what kind of insights I can glean from them about their process and best practices in working with them. This particular one has been extremely diff...
One of the hardest things for me to do is goal setting.  Something about it always feels contrived or insincere.  I always agonize over what to write down and if there's a chance someone else might see it, I feel it has to be profound and insightful. Well, I've decided to approach it the way I d...
"Have you ever noticed how folks instinctively know that creating wealth is much more fun than spending it, yet they dream more about spending it than they do about creating it?" I liked this one.  My sister sent it to me and it really is an interesting predicament we put ourselves into.  It sta...

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