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Mortgage and Lending - Senior Vice President, Secured Funding Corporation
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FHA 203k Loans - Washington DC, and surrounding areas. You are in my backyard!  SO???  You get a "backyard discount". Catch? :  'Loan Amount' must be above $300,000.00 Must be a renovation loan. You must settle on this loan in order to receive a complete "Lender Credit" equal to all charges my co...
203K World - FHA 203K How to make an offer on an "As-Is" property.   Situation:You found a home in the neighborhood you would love. The lot is perfect and the house is great, except, once you get inside, you see it has the kitchen ripped out, the HVAC was taken out of the home and there is a MOLD...
Subject: VA Changes September 22, 2011 Inside Lending Bulletin VA Funding Fee Changes Effective October 1, 2011 Vets and Reserves/National Guard will get a significant benefit October 1st. Check the chart below to see how much they’ll save in fees. We hope this helps you help our military folks b...
  When you represent a buyer and they are interested in offering on an "As-Is" property, should you do your inspections to figure out what is wrong first, or just make an AS-IS offer? This is the quandary... All too often, I hear this question and the answer is... THE BUYER WILL DICTATE. I would ...
Subject: New Loan Limit InfoUnless Congress makes a last minute change here’s what to expect this October 1st. Click Here for 2011 Counties At And Above Loan Limit Ceiling Click Here for 2011 Counties Between Loan Limit CeilingFHA LOANS Please refer to the attached charts to see the new limits by...
    Brent KlugeMortgage Banker1954 Greenspring Drive, Suite 625Timonium, MD 21093Office: 800.330.1330Direct: 410.427.0588Mobile: 410.591.8300my website          Don't lose money to internet scams or your identity to hackers!PLUS...Be safe doing remodels and repairs! Some tips to avoid internet s...
FHA 203K - 4th of July Sale!   In honor of the 4th of July, 203k World is going to offer FREE 203K's !!   FREE???  How can that be???   Pro Quo's: Must have formal loan application by the end of the month, July 2011. Must have a contract or own a property in Maryland, Washington DC, Virginia, Wes...
    visit my website     email me now         Brent KlugeMortgage Banker           For the week of July 4, 2011 - Vol. 9, Issue 27   >> Market Update  QUOTE OF THE WEEK... INFO THAT HITS US WHERE WE LIVE...Last week's housing market facts were so good, it was hard for commentators to distort them...
FHA 203k Loan - Maryland     You found the house you would LOVE to buy... but its a foreclosure.  It needs some work to "bring it back" to liveable or perhaps the way you like it???     Now you found your way to the FHA 203k...  How do you find the RIGHT company?   EASY... You just did!     Brent...
FHA 203k - Baltimore Maryland    Why work with Brent Kluge on your FHA 203k and his team???    BECAUSE WE WILL SAVE YOU MONEY!     Countless Satisified Customers - Active Projects you can check out See what all the "Hub-bub" is about ... Work with the company that cares. FHA 203k Streamline FHA 2...

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