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Live in Laramie Real Estate recently became the lucky owners of a Matterport 3D camera... and we love it!  We are super excited to offer this new technology to our sellers and hope that it will be a great tool to help us to present the best features of their properties. The Matterport tour is als...
I have to admit, by this point, I thought I would have consolidated several of the ways to take title into one post, especially the more "businessy" ones:  Partnership, LLC, Corporation, and Trust .  Then, I realized they each deserved their own description - whether I liked it or not!Here are th...
In Wyoming, you have the choice of taking title of real property as a Trust.The legal and tax implications of setting up a trust are complex and vary widely from state to state.  Attorneys and tax experts should always be consulted on the subject of trust.*That being said, the basic premise of a ...
Taking Title as a Limited Liability CompanyOne of the choices for taking title in Wyoming is taking title as a Limited Liability Company (LLC).  Once more, for me to even try to explain it in my own words is ridiculously out of my league!  So here is a nice explanation taken directly, word for wo...
Taking Title in Wyoming as a PartnershipIf you choose to take title as a partnership then you will undoubtedly  need the services of a competent attorney knowledgable in these matters.  As a matter of fact, even explaining the next 4 forms of ownership interest are so far over my head that I am g...
Taking Title in Wyoming as Joint Tenants with Rights of Survivorship"The Language of Real Estate" by John W. Reilly (2006, by Dearborn Financial Publishing, Inc) was used as the main source for this article.  This book devotes three pages alone to explaining this concept.  It is not simple.  I pr...
Taking Title in Wyoming as Husband and WifeNaturally, the main requirement for taking title as Husband and Wife in Wyoming is that you be married. For what constitutes legal marriage in Wyoming go to:  Suffice it t...
Taking title in Wyoming as a - Sole OwnerThe words "sole owner" make it pretty obvious what this means.  Sole ownership occurs when ownership of a property is vested in one person, or entity (like a city or county), alone.  This means that they alone are responsible for any debt or obligations on...
Laramie, Wyoming Real Estate:  Tenants in CommonIn Wyoming, taking Title as Tenants in Common is one of the eight standard options.  The BASIC concepts of a Tenancy in Common as described in  "The Language of Real Estate" by John W. Reilly (2006, by Dearborn Financial Publishing, Inc) are: It is ...
In Wyoming, you have the choice of taking title of real property in 8 different ways: Sole Owner                                        Husband and Wife Joint Tenants with Rights of Survivorship Tenants In Common Partnership LLC Corporation Trust Often, deciding on which way to take title is stra...

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