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My advice to anyone who truly believes that life is not about the money, it is about reaching your full potential, should definitely live  the following (the money will follow): •         Pay Attention: Every person you meet can teach you something. Every place you go, you can learn a lesson. Pay...
Today - I am thankful for: God, My family, and my closet friends. As much as I have going on, everyday, there are certain peole to stick by me.. Thank you guys - I will always make it completely worth it.  Happy Thanksgiving. - - *** With alot of Love *** This is my solute to Thanksgiving.
"Perhaps the very best question that you can memorize and repeat, over and over, is, 'what is the most valuable use of my time right now?'"— Brian Tracy: Author and speaker on personal and professional development I Love this quote, because it is so true. Once one becomes in the habit of followin...
SET YOUR GOALS Goal setting is one of the single most powerful tools in life. It is full of excitement, smiles, frustration, accomplishments, and power. Once it is made a habit to accomplish the goals that are set, it is just that. It creates a doorway to making sure that all goals become accompl...
The core to growing a successful business, is growing successful relationships. People bring people business. As human beans we will extend the opportunity to someone we are familiar with, and someone we like, before extending an opportunity to a complete stranger. It is important for us to see t...
There is a proven path to becoming successful. Focus: Complete, undivided attention. The goal is always kept in mind. If you take life one step at a time (quickly), and focus on each step, you will accomplish. You will also continuously learn. Everything you focus on will teach you something. Its...
It is extremely important to me to help the people around me succeed to their fullest potential. Does any one else understand how frustrating it is to hear: "I don't have time" or "I can't"? I am a single mom, in my early twenties. I currently have 3 careers. I am a full-time realtor with Century...
EXECUTIVE REAL ESTATE NETORK About the Executive Real Estate Network:The Executive Real Estate Network was opened in early 2007. The purpose is to insure a professional Real Estate experience, anywhere in the United States. This means hard work, investigating realtors Department of Real Estate re...
Keeping your buyers informed of the steps to purchasing REO properties and short-sale properties, will actually lead a buyer to purchase. REO properties are a hot commodity. They come on the market at an excellent price, and tend to fly off within the week, pending sale. I've seen difficulty with...
Home-Aid is hosting the 3rd annual Project Playhouse. Auction is to be help on September 27th, 2008 at Victoria Gardens Cultural Center. An excellent fundraiser to provide temporary housing for homeless families. The playhouses are beautiful, all built by different corporations, reflecting differ...

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