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Hello all, I was just reading email and I got one from one of the Top Producer's in our area.  It seems that they cut the fat.  What does that mean?  It means they fired non producing, complaining, the world is coming to an end, lazy AGENTS!!!  I was with a company early on in my career that hire...
I won't bore you with the editorial, I will however say that i'm sick of this negative media the housing market has.  Our Home section today has a huge article with a poor man standing amid hundreds of for sale signs.  Now we do have 14,000ish homes for sale which is down about 3,000 from the sum...
Good morning Active Rainer's, today will be the third weekend my office is going to a neighborhood and door knocking.  I know there are many of you out there doing this but we are hitting the neighborhood's in force.  We havent picked up a zillion listings or buyers yet but were getting out there...
This picture was taken right before the rain, again this is Sterling Point, really Green Acres 1.  This is an inlet and there is a vacant lot to the right of it.  I will post this picture also.  It is for sale and close to an acre heavily wooded.  This is the first neighborhood i've been in since...
These are a couple pictures from Sterling Point in Portsmouth VA.  the first one is in my backyard with my daughters boyfriend racing his Quad.  Soon my kids will want their own then we will need a track.  The second is the one of the church parking lots leading into the Neighborhood.  We have 5 ...
Just ran across this and was wondering if anyone was a member?  I watched both video's 101, 102 and while long there was a lot of good information.  The only problem is that I will never have the time nor the mental ability to accomplish what he is talking about.  I have wanted to work on website...
Went to a class today and believe I can blog!, I will be writing about my neighborhood and the things I like and dislike about the area..  I did have an encounter today in class with a lady who worked with one of my coworkers.  She was so impressed about the work he did, and spoke so highly of hi...
If your anywhere near Sterling Point, in Portsmouth va there are no lines.  I hope everyone gets out and votes.  Sterling Point Is the nicest Place to live in Portsmouth va, the development is actually Green Acres 1 and Green Acres 2, the garden club gave it the name Sterling Point.  We currently...
I'm enjoying some college classes on religion and Catholisism.  Very interesting, and I feel it will help me to better connect with my clients, and family.  I have also been cruising Sterling Point with my kids looking for the next gresat deal.  If you know of one please let me know.   Thanks Bra...

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