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  I spent an hour the other day talking to my mechanic about the economy at large, we were having a great time and then he started in on Real Estate!  Normally I would have been quick to get excited, jump up and down, talk about all the great deals and rates but I was sick.      My being sick all...
 I'm not even that much of a writer but I couldn't stay away.  The problem I have is that I hear of a good idea somewhere and I want to share it.  I always share at work, send email to my Realtor friends, but its not enough.  I want to tell the world.  My last company we had "Secrets" everyone hi...
Visual Tour of Sterling Point Portsmouth VA Sterling Point is the most beautiful neighborhood in Portsmouth VA. Developed in the 1950's it was made up of Green Acres 1 and Green Acres 2. One of the first high end Waterfront communities in S.E. Virginia. Sterling Point today is the Safest, most Pa...
Seller's there is a way if you need to sell and think you owe more than your house is worth.  Before you give up, give us a call, it's confidential, legal, and will help you to achieve your goal.  We work with a pool of investors that will purchase your home, you will not be foreclosed on, you wi...
If your starting off 2009 a little slow perhaps even sluggish, take 20 minutes and watch this motivational speech by Art Williams. It's older back from the 80's but applies today more than ever. This is so relavent to the housing situation today that you'll think he just said it. Goes to show tha...
If your looking for something to do, check out anyone of the Ymca's in the area.  Ours is on cedar Road right next to the brand New Library their building, they have a play ground, tennis courts, running track, 2 pools, Racquetball courts, weight rooms workout rooms, my wife's favorite, Some nood...
    It's overcast, some mist in the air, and it's beautiful, It never ceases to amaze me how nice some area's can be!  Portsmouth Va has a bad rap which is unfortunate as it's one of the oldest and most beautiful cities on the East Coast.  Most of North West Portsmouth is waterfront and old growt...
      If your looking for something fun to do in the cold in Western Branch (West Chesapeake), we took the kids out on Friday night to AMF Western Branch Lanes.  Very busy, lots of fun, we had to wait as we didn't know there was a call in list.  The time was easy though as we played a round of Mi...
    The more I read and learn the more I realize this blogging thing takes time.  I have know for a while that you can use links for "A call to Action" but it wasn't until a month ago that someone really explained links to me. If I use "Real Estate in Chesapeake VA" I can highlight it and link it...
    As far as Active Rain, or any other blog; search engines look for new and relative content.  If you build a site and let it sit, there will be nothing for search engine spiders to look at that is "new and relevant".  Let's say your site is about homes in Chesapeake Va and you blog about Chesa...

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