When creating your real estate company name, you want it to hit a lot of points. It should be concise yet creative, to the point yet still have enough behind it to leave a meaningful impact on your target market. Although coming up with your real estate company name is a big deal, it shouldn't be...
Whether you're a real estate agent, an investment banker or someone running a small business from home, when it comes to taxes, there are a lot of misconceptions that could possibly cost you a fortune in the long run.Call them myths, call them whatever you want, the important thing is to keep the...
A risk management plan is a strategy that outlines how a business can anticipate, predict, and respond to risk. It doesn’t matter if you are a real estate professional, a business owner, or a sole entrepreneur/freelancer, having a risk management strategy in place is absolutely critical to protec...
Alright let’s face it: bookkeeping is probably one of the least enjoyable activities when it comes to running a successful business or brokerage.However, it doesn’t matter if you come from an accounting/finance background or just dabble in real estate as a part-time landlord/house flipper, you ne...
I've always had a passion for real estate and an interest in real estate investing.However, another passion project of mine has been to investigate ways to make an online income (or, at the very least, to boost your total monthly income through extra side jobs).I love investing, and real estate h...
Investing in real estate is becoming an incredibly popular option for professional and novice investors alike. After all, there are a variety of ways to get stared with real estate investing, and the variety of real estate options can be quite enticing for investors looking to diversify their por...
Is real estate investing a good side hustle?Well, when it comes to diversifying income or looking for ways to make extra income, real estate investing seems to be one of the most common options that is recommended.This is certainly for good reason. Real estate investing can be an immensely lucrat...

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