Woman Fined for Displaying Jewish Symbol on Door   A woman in Stratford, CT, was fined $50 per day for displaying a Mezuzah on the exterior door frame of her condominium.  The story reported that the attorney for the woman noted that the neighbor is displaying a crucifix but did not mention if th...
FHA Condo Approvals – I Wouldn’t Recommend That This past week, I fielded a call from New Mexico from the developer of a condominium project regarding getting approved with HUD/FHA.  She had run across my article about new construction and had questions for me regarding her project. The project i...
FHA Condo Approvals – Another Site Condo Question Last week, I received a call from a member of the Board of Directors for a condominium project in Yuma, AZ.  He called me after reading my blog article about site condos. He said that his project consists of 12 units, all of them detached from eac...
FHA Condo Approvals – Site Condos Question Yesterday, I received a call from an appraiser in Tempe, AZ, asking about site condos.  He was working on an appraisal for a condominium and had a question as to whether or not it was a site condo.  In doing research, he ran across my blog article so he ...
FHA Condo Approvals – Another Project Approved So far this year, every project that I have submitted to HUD has been Approved on the first try.  While I am extremely proud of this, by no means do I expect that they will all go this way. One of the reasons for this rate of success is how thoroughl...

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