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Really? Whoever said " You can't teach an old dog new tricks?" Well I beg to differ! My father, who is a senior for sure, aged 80 to be exact can prove this to be all wrong. Why you may ask? BECAUSE... At 80.5 years old, my dad, a veterinarian by trade since 1955, just passed his State Board exam...
Advocate-  "One that supports or promotes the interests of another."   Who is your advocate? More importantly: If you have an aging parent or close relative, who is their advocate? What happens if you or a loved one goes into the hospital for a routine procedure or something more serious? AND wha...
Should the buyer be pressured to purchase a home that looks to be a MONEY PIT after a home inspection? At what point should the seller and seller’s agent just allow the buyers to walk? What if the seller responds that they will fix the problems with “their” contractors? Ahh… such a dilemma! Yes, ...
I really do believe that the media is contributing to the panic in this country regarding the Real Estate market and do we really want to feed into this self fulfilling prophecy? Just recently, in the past 2 weeks , 2 major publications(one local and one national) has tried to create doubt that ...
Is my life really an open book? After much thought about this, I decided- NOT! I have entered into a time in my life where many changes are taking place on many levels. As a daughter, sister, mother, wife and business woman, I almost feel that its my "duty" to create awareness to those around me ...
How does one define the "Sandwich Generation"? The formal term is defined as follows: The Sandwich Generation describes those who provide care for both their dependent children and their parents. AARP has indicated that 44% of 44-45 year olds have at least one living parent and at least one child...
The Senior Stumble is no joke! My mother, as you may guess, is an aging senior, who just recently relocated from Florida to south jersey to be close to me.  This  relocation to South Jersey did not come soon enough. Let me just preface by saying that my mother has always had the propensity to fal...
Ah... The Tales of Yore! I just  love listening to my dad tell stories of the past. The experiences he had and the events that shaped his life is just so interesting to me. Being the gregarious individual that he is, it seems that just about EVERYONE is enamored by his stories. As an aging senior...
 Are you a credit worthy Baby Boomer or Senior? Maybe, Maybe not! When was the last time you checked your credit? This topic is of interest to me  as I just recently asked my 80 year old father, “Do you know what your credit score is?” Not only did he not know, but he hadn’t run it in years and d...
When is it time for a baby boomer or aging senior to Downsize and Simplify their life? In my experience, as a Senior Real Estate Specialist (SRES) in Southern New Jersey , most baby boomers and aging seniors do not know when it is time to downsize. An Exit Plan has never been a part of their over...

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