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Funny how everyone thinks that the Denver real estate market is in the tank.  I've had several clients relocate to the area recently, and their impression of pricing is that the 20% discount is a possibility given the meteoric rise in real estate prices over the last several years.  This kind of ...
The ever-popular Table Mesa neighborhood continues to thrive in this difficult market.  With open space, trail systems, and park-and-ride to Denver just steps away, Table Mesa remains popular for all the right reasons.Take a look at 3310 Emerson Ave presented by Re/Max of Boulder.  Four beds and ...
If you're looking for a terrific piece of Denver real estate in move-in condition, then you must check out 1380 S Eaton Ct.  Priced at $235,000, this remodeled home has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.  It also boasts a finished basement with a 4th non-conforming bedroom, workout area, and entertainme...
The Denver real estate market has something for everyone.  Highlands Ranch remains a very popular destination even in this difficult market.  We've created a wonderful resource to help our clients research this area- our Neighborhood Pages.  Check out some interesting Highlands Ranch information ...
We're seeing many more Denver real estate shoppers using FHA programs as opposed to the ridiculous sub-prime deals.It's also the VERY rare deal that sees 100% financing or the dreaded "Stated Income" programs that were so popular over the last 5 years.  I won't miss these programs at all.  The st...
The problem with most real estate search engines is that you have to search by zip codes, cities, or VERY LARGE areas.  Sometimes you may have a very specific area that you'd like to search.  Wouldn't it be wonderful to be able to limit your Denver real estate search to an area on a map by drawin...
Note to all short sale agents: honesty is the best policy.  The Denver real estate market continues to be a hotspot for short sales.  The main problem here is that there is sometimes a complete lack of communication between lenders and listing agents.  Even to the point where listing agents DO NO...
Sometimes you have to take what you read and watch in the news with a grain of salt.  Then there are times like these, and news like the foreclosure rate in the Denver real estate market.I've been reading about this trend for months and months, just like everyone else.  And I've seen evidence tha...
I love investing in the stock market.  I got started managing our families investments years ago when I looked at the fees we were being charged by the large firm who was managing our portfolio, as well as the rate of return we were getting.  That was enough to make me dedicate several hours a we...
So many of my clients discover Arvada only after focusing on other popular neighborhoods and towns. It's funny, but a handful of clients over the last year discovered Arvada almost entirely by accident while searching the Denver real estate market.The same thing tends to happen to new residents o...

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