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UPDATE!!!!Attention Secret Service! It appears the couple that crashed the White House dinner this past week is trying to cash in on the stunt.   It would seem the couple aren't happy with boasting about it and posting pictures all over the internet.  Now they have chosen to peddle their story t...
I received an email with an amazing set of photos in it.  These are not my photos, and I haven't touched them up or revised them in any way.  Most don't have any kind of markings on them.   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This Ranger is assigned to prevent poaching around ...
Attention Secret Service! We have a serious breach of Security in the White House.  How is it possible something like this can happen? I've seen and heard reports saying there was never any threat posed to the President or anyone at the gathering. The Secret Service maintains that President Barac...
I came across several interesting news articles during my morning internet news festivities. Folks sleeping out at a Best Buy to get the best bargains on Black Friday.  This idea has no appeal to me at all.  I checked the latest news on Climategate, and it seems the Lamestream Media is still pret...
I received this video in an email the other day, and thought it was just beautiful. Remember our Service Members and their families on this day.  Give thanks for their service and their sacrifice. I hope you all find this video as enjoyable as I did.  I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving! Drive sa...
I received an email today containing the photo below.   I found it to be really cute, and quite ingenius. I know some may think it's over the top, but hey, this is America, and we do have free speech.   These folks probably never thought they would be an internet hit, but I'm sure this photo has...
Time to hide your piggy banks folks. President Obama and his administration have shattered the glass ceiling. Spending a staggering $3.5 Trillion during his first year in office, the administration far exceeded any other first-year president. The above figure is based on year 2000 dollars.  Usin...
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi seems a little uncomfortable with the question about legal rights for Osama bin Laden.As can be seen in this video the Speaker basically blew the reporters question off as if she were asking what her next best seller would be. asked Pelosi at her regular pre...
The Associated Press is reporting that Sarah Palin's book is selling big in it's first week. Palin's book "Going Rogue" sold 700,000 copies (includes pre-orders) in its first week.  The first printing of Palin's memoir came out November 17 with a first print of 1.5 million copies.  Publisher Harp...
I'm not a scientist, so I rely on scientists to do what they do and I expect them to be honest with their findings.  I've been a sceptic of Global Warming and Man-made Climate Change from the start.  Based on the stories coming out now, Scientists are no better than Hookers, Prostitutions,  membe...

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