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Fox New's Greta Van Susteran had this interesting video about the Healthcare Bill and big grumbling from the Calif governor.  Is Gov Schwarzenegger about to pull the rug out from under the Healthcare bill?  He was all for it, and now he's not only against it, he is advising his delegates to vote ...
With all the cold blanketing the country, I thought this would help to ease the pain of being so cold.  After all, don't they say humor warms the heart and heals the soul?  Or something like that.  This brought a good chuckle to me and did indeed warm my heart.  Just remember to keep your tongue ...
  I received this story in an email about 6 months ago and saved it. Cleaning up some of the files in my computer tonight, I found it again.  I read it and remembered why I kept it.  It had brought tears to my eyes back then and again tonight I found my eyes welling with tears.  I don't know who ...
Here's a great nostalgia email I received from my cousin.  Funny thing is we were at a family reunion a couple years ago and reminicsed about quite a few of these items.  I've made the print very large and bold because if you remember these things, chances are your eyes are not quite as sharp as ...
For more than a year I have been hearing just how bad Fox News is.  It's filled with haters.  It's not real news.  Then came Glenn Beck.  This sent the left into a tail spin.  They thought they had him when they boycotted his show back in August 2009  for stating that he "believes" obama is a rac...
I received an email the other day, and it had a link to this video. It charts the unemployment rate from Jan 2007 to October 2009. The original link from the email is here was a link to youtube, and I clicked it and her...
  While on my Blue Christmas visit to the Caribbean, I visited St. Maarten and while there, I took a tour of the island.  I don't do the "tours" provided by the ships very often.  Instead, I prefer to catch a taxi and request specific locations from a list of places I have selected myself.  Most ...
I just wanted to take a few minutes today to wish all my friends and associates here in the Rain a   Having just spent a Blue Christmas     in the Caribbean, I thought maybe a nice         Red New Year would be in order.  I chose the above pics to help illustrate this! Happy New Year!  
I leave for my cruise in the morning.  I'll be having a Blue Christmas.... Because.... I'll be surrounded by the beautiful blue Caribbean Seas. Andrea Bocelli -Blue Christmas- with Reba McEntireI wanted to take this opportunity to wish all my Friends in the Rain a very Merry Christmas.  I hope an...
  I received this email the other day and didn't have time to read it so I just kept it in a holding pattern.  I knew it was a joke, and the title was "Grandchildren". Well, I have 11 grandchildren, and I knew I had to make the time and get a good read on this one.  I'm glad I waited and spent th...

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