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For those Florida Residents who don't already have a Hurricane Preparedness, I downloaded one from our local BayNews 9 station.  They've put together a excellent comprehensive kit and I wanted to share it with all who might be interested. As Realtors we should probably make sure our out of state...
Tropical Storm Faye packing wholloping winds of almost 50 mph (gusts) is headed our way.  It's all over the news and internet. Pictures of tourists leaving the keys in droves are everywhere you look.  Folks stocking up on gas and food supplies.               Now understand this.  I don't mind be...
Tarpon Springs, Florida is about a 2 hour drive from Sun City Center, and whenever we have out of town guests it is on our list of cool places to go.  Not only do they have some of the coolest gifts shops, this quaint little Greek village has several boats that will take you out into the Gulf of...
A few years ago before "Lunesta" came along, I took some pictures of the stranges moth/butterfly I had ever seen.  Fortunately, I had access to the Internet and googled it (what did we do before google?) and found that it is called a "Luna moth". At first glance I thought it was a leaf on the tr...
I received this little kitty picture with the caption in an email and just had to share it with you all. I really got a good laugh at this one.  I'm not a cat person by nature, but this little guy really got to my heart. Not to mention the fact that his eyes say he's telling the truth.  His paws...
Living in Sun City Center, Florida has it's perks.  We are so close to so many of the Theme Parks, and major Florida attractions.   I was going through some pictures today, looking for one a friend had asked me to send her. While searching my thousands....and I do mean thousands of pictures I ca...
This job can be so frustrating sometimes. I spent 3 days with a couple showing homes, and the community, and thought we had something going. I haven't heard from them in the last 3 days. They don't return my calls, and I know they are leaving town today, so I guess they just didn't want to reall...
In this business we make choices every day.  Sometimes the choices are simple, like whether to delete that junk email.  Other times, they deal with peoples lives and their futures.  The road we choose to take could make or break them.   I recently had a situation where I ran into several of thos...
I received a call the other day (wednesday) from some folks from across the Bay.  They had read an Article about Sun City Center in their local paper and had a few questions. We talked for several minutes, and I answered all his questions to his satisfaction.   He then told me that I had done go...
The Great Orlando Wheel is coming to Florida.  At a cost of $200 million and a scheduled opening date sometime in 2010, Orlando's Wheel will most likely become the Icon for the city. Rising 400 feet above the city, passengers will have an unobstructed panoramic view of about 25 miles, and on cle...

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