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Economic news as it relates to our buyers and sellers of real estate.



Long term lending via the Bond Market (and Mortgage Market) will be crashing in the not too distant future!  All over the world, especially in the US, the UK, Europe and Japan it costs very little to borrow money for the very long term (such as long term fixed rate mortgage loans on housing). The...
Selling a house is like selling a pair of tennis shoes in a store.  The store, the quality of the shoes, the value propostion presented to consumers (buyers), as well as the store's "presentation".  Before the product can go on the shelf, the store must do extensive market research to look at con...
The Fed had already pledged to go into the marketplace and purchase $40 Billion in mortgage backed securities.Today that has been increased to $85 Billion per month (over $1 Trillion per year). Furthermore, it was announced that number would basically go up to unlimited until the unemployment rat...

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