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When I decided to come into this business, I did so because I knew things had to change....and they are.  However, the friends and relatives of sellers who are not really engaged in the 7 day a week jungle of real estate marketing (traditonal Realtors) still are the seller representatives of choi...
Would you go into a store who did not have great advertising pictures and, if in a mall, a sexy store window? Homes are no different!The Eyes Have It.  What Do They See When They Look At Your Listing?   When it comes to voting..."Aye" is affirmative.  "The ayes have it" means those who voted in f...
Today the US Federal Reserve announced that they would be printing $40 Billion extra new US Dollars per month Posted on September 13, 2012 by Bill Blackburn The US Federal Reserve, as expected, announced that they would be buying $40 Billion of US Mortgage Bonds per month until we get inflation.B...
Bubbles.....I am reminded of the toy for children that has a few pegs to drive into a wooden stand.  When the child drives in one peg with a little wooden hammer, another pops up as a result.  This is an early lesson in economics for children! To create jobs and encourge the public to buy stuff (...
It is a bit counter-intuitive that in a period of extremely low long term mortgage rates, savvy buyers of higher end properties are almost always paying cash. If you buy a higher end home here, sellers expect you to pay cash.  The main reason is that appraisals are running well below the market p...
Very good post....these problems are not rare, particularly in Florida and markets like ours.   With both a huge runup in prices a few years ago, along with heavy cash out refinancings at the top,marriages often fail when these financial bubbles break. The partner being "awarded" the house and vi...

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