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The sound advice has always been, why put all your eggs in one basket and because of that we have always diversified our nest egg, so why not add another egg, Real Estate.True, in some markets purchasers got burned, but those are the ones that got caught up in the flipping of property and get ric...
A recent article confirms what Charlottean's have known for quite some time that our area is a great place to settle down and own property.  Despite the slow down we are still in the running of best places to live.Where Home Prices Are Hot Now Despite the Housing SlowdownBy Dean Treftz From The W...
Great News ......Helicopter engine firm to build a plant in Union, why is this great news? Union, county had some major losses lately with two recent companys' closing their plants and moving out of the region, one sending their operation to China.Turbomeca, a French company that makes helicopter...
 Growth in our Region?Here is what moving to the south, specially the Carolinas gets' you.   According to the latest figures, the southern hot markets are b/SC, Greensboro/NC , Raleigh/Carey/NC and Charlotte.  Atlanta is in there too, but since I only do referral there, I stick with the area I kn...
Loan-Related Closing Costs Loan Origination FeeThis covers the administrative expenses in setting-up and processing the loan. The loan origination fee may be a percentage of the mortgage amount.Points (optional)An option for the home buyer is to pay points to lower the interest rate at which the ...
If anyone is looking for a great townhome in a very active area that was also a former model.   Please contact me or check it out at  It's a two bedroom townhome and each bedroom has an onsuite bathroom.  The townhome features a living room and a den that would be ...
Growing, growing, and growing, this is by no means a small community, but it does have very unique features and amenities.  It has recreation areas, fishing pond, pool, club house, sports center, tennis courts and easy flowing neighborhoods with nature trails. You can walk to your grocery store i...
Anyone out there that thinks subscription leads work?  I sure would like to know.  Please don't be shy and tell me honestly if you sign up for them or is this a gimmick from other real estate avenues to make a living.  I have read articles were supposedly high profile companies spend thousands of...
Granted there is a lot of information out there for a Buyer and Seller to use if they want to go the extra mile do their own transactions, but why would you?  I have tried this Zillow and so far it has not worked for me, my best bet for CMA has been through my local Realtor association to start o...

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