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Bicentennial Park vs. Rotary Park Livonia Michigan  Bicentennial Park offers some really great things to do for just about everyone.  Rotary Park offers some really great thing to do for just about everyone as well.  Bicentennial and Rotary are only a few minute drive away from each other so whic...
Superior Construction Wayne and Oakland County Michigan   Welcome to my web-post about a great local Livonia Michigan construction company.  This company has came in and done work for me and my clients on many occasions with great results every single time.  They have come in within a homeowners ...
Livonia Michigan Home Buyer Advise and Websites   So many people when they first decide they are going to purchase a home don't know where to start or what to expect.  We all know that almost everyone when looking into anything these days just will go and "Google It".  A quick recommendation I wi...
Bicentennial Park Livonia Michigan   Livonia Michigan offers a great choice of parks for the local residents here to enjoy.  Bicentennial Park is located at 7 Mile and Wayne Rd in northern Livonia Michigan.  The first picture you see here is of the warm welcome sign that greets you as you enter t...
Livonia Michigan Recreation Center   Welcome to the LIVONIA MICHIGAN RECREATION CENTER web-blog written by real estate agent Bob Jakowinicz.  The Livonia Rec is located at 5 Mile and Hubbard Rd in northern Livonia Michigan.  The Rec is loaded with so many great things to do I just had to spend a ...
Rotary Park Livonia Michigan   Welcome to Rotary Park Livonia Michigan!  Rotary Park is located at 6 Mile and Hubbard Road in northern Livonia Michigan.  This gorgeous park offers so much to do that I just had to write about it.  The first picture you see is of the park sign out by 6 Mile Rd, you...
Deer Creek Livonia Michigan Homes for Sale   Welcome to Deer Creek Livonia Michigan real estate web-blog written Bob Jakowinicz.  The purpose of this blog is to give you a chance to see what homes are for sale in the area.  Feel free to use this great website for all of your home for sale informa...
Michigan Home Buying and Fate   Have you ever heard someone say "If it is meant to be we will get it" when purchasing a home?  You could be a real estate agent, heard a friend or said it yourself.  I have heard this a few times and have to say I don't personally agree with this statement.  If som...
Livonia Michigan Real Estate Market Update   Upon completing another month of real estate statistics for Livonia Michigan here's a market snap-shot for you.  Using the month of April 2011 as our guide we can see the market is still a little crazy and doing it's best to start to stabilize.  APRIL ...
Great Getaway-Whitewater Rafting in South Carolina   Sometimes we just have to get away from it all and have some fun.  That is just what we decided to do just a few weeks ago by taking a trip to do some white water rafting and kayaking.  In the first picture you see here my daughter and I were s...

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