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Real Estate Auctioneer Education  Myers Jackson, Real Estate Auctioneer, CAI, AARE, CES, ATS, e-PROCAI (Certified Auctioneers Institute), AARE (Accredited Auctioneer Real Estate), CES (Certified Estate Specialist), ATS (Auction Technology Specialist), e-PRO (Internet Marketing Professional). Thes...
Gulf Steam Racing, Pegasus World Cup  Gulfstream Park in Hallandale Beach, Florida will host the Pegasus World Cup on January 27th.  Four additional races will run at the track that same day.  First is the Fred W. Hooper Stakes.  From its beginning in 1984 until 1996, this race was known as the T...
New York Hop Farm. Just a few tips to start your beer making project.. Craft beer is booming these days, so hop farming is booming as well. It must be because of the main ingredients to make beer is hops. Having well drained loamy soil is key for farming tactics, also a pH of 6.5 to 8 for best re...
Texas Flip and Move Star Myers Jackson to Auction Luxury HomeAUCTION2Luxury Home Featuressearch google with this special code 11 Spy Glass Hill Luxury Home Auction   Texas Flip and Move Star Myers Jackson will Auction this gem in the south is just a short distance from New Orleans and the Gulf of...
Using Keywords is important to me... This is importabt to me because: The attraction of potential customers that may not know who I am. The person looking may be looking for specific type property.The person may not know exactly a property may be for sale in a certain area. Sometimes people are l...
 Everywhere I go someone wants to talk to the Auctioneer. As soon as they find out I am the Auctioneer questions start to fly about. This is a great way to create great public relations and get to know new people. Most of us know that in the past several years with the invention of reality TV,  A...
Auctioneer trusted with a 1.5 Million Dollar Horse, Why Not a House  Valuable assets are sold every day at Auction. Including this Arabian Filly that sold recently at Auction for 1,550,000 dollars and No/100 cents....Sold by Auctioneer Joseph Mast. So the question remains why is it so hard for re...
Commercial Real EstateWhat: 3.8 +/- acres commercial propertyWhen: Thursday, April 6th @ 10:00 AMWhere: 427 North Market Blvd Webster, Florida 33597Auction Format: Download the Bidding APP / Online iphone or AndroidAuction Website:  http://myersjackson.comFinal Inspection: Call for Inspections pr...
Florida Property Appraisers: Recent Florida Land Sale Link Provided Below  Most Florida Property Appraisers have recently revisited accessed property values including all Sumter County Land for Sale or that has sold in recent months and can be found on most internet sites as recorded sales. This ...
Can multiple properties be sold at one real estate auction event?  A real estate auction gives a seller the opportunity to showcase various properties all in one shot. A seller may have more than one asset he/she is looking to liquidate and a well-planned real estate auction process offers the op...

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