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These blogs relate specifically to Florida Landlord Tenant matters. I am not an attorney, and none of the information I write about is to be considered legal advise. Always contact your Florida Real Estate Attorney for specific guidance.
In Florida there are two common types of 7 Day Notices.  We are going to discuss the differences and how they are used. 7 Day Notice of Non-Compliance (with opportunity to cure) This 7 Day Notice is used when there is a lease violation by the tenant, other than non-payment of rent.  Some examples...
Screening applicants to make sure they are qualified to rent your property is an essential process of being a landlord.  I have spoken with many owners who don’t go through a detailed screening process.  Some only call the current landlord, some will only run a local criminal history, and some on...
Sadly, evictions do happen.  When they do happen, what can you expect? When you contact your Florida Real Estate Attorney and let them know you need them to file an eviction, your attorney will ask some questions and ask for some document copies such as the lease agreement and any other notices y...
In another article we talked about what we should do if our neighbor calls with complaints about your tenant.  But what happens if those same complaints come from the homeowner’s association? For starters, DON’T PANIC when you receive that letter or phone call.  HOA’s can be very intimidating to ...
You are sitting at dinner one night with your family when your phone rings.  It is your neighbor who lives near your rental property.  The neighbor wants to make sure you are aware that there have been way too many cars parked at the property, that is looks like an army lives there, and they had ...
In this 3 part blog we have discussed the interview process, and the additional information needed when you hire a property manager when there is a tenant in the property.  In this last part we will talk about if you are switching management companies because you are not satisfied with your curre...
In Part 1 we covered the interview process on selecting the right property manager for you and your rental property. As was stated, you are more than likely in 1 of 3 positions:          First time landlord          You have been managing the rental property yourself          You are not satisfie...
I am going to cover the procedures in getting your property managed in a 3 part blog.  Where it doesn’t sound like more than just comparing fees with companies, you, the owner, should really be interviewing the property manager to make sure they are the right fit for you and can help you reach yo...
There are still some confusion over the differences between a Service Animal and an Assistance Animal.  I hope to clarify some of the differences below.  Enjoy! A Service Animal is any animal that is trained to do work or perform tasks for the benefit of an individual with a disability.  If the d...
You’ve had a tenant renting your property and they have been paying on time every month until now.  To make matters more frustrating, they are not returning your calls.  You have no idea what to do, you don’t live close (maybe even out of state) but you do know that they can be evicted for not pa...

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