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The study of real estate practices and related organisms.
Experiential Marketing is defined as creating a connection between you and your customer.  It is interactive and tells a story that leads the audience to an intended (hopefully!) outcome.The Hotel Industry uses experiential marketing.  Have you noticed?  Their print ads feature someone standing i...
I was reading the paper this morning and read an article about Inbox overload - declaring a new kind of 21rst century bankruptcy, not for lack of funds, but lack of time to respond to all of those incoming emails.  I get overwhelmed by my inbox, but it's my office voice mail that drives me crazy....
These days everyone is looking for a fresh image, voice and a different approach.  It seems the public ear has gone deaf to some of our tried and true scripted lines and we are all looking for a new way to convey some old concepts. Following is a sample to get the discussion started, please add s...
I was never the science scholar, so any scientific reference typically makes my eyes glaze over.  However, this week when I first heard the term Credit DNA... I was listening.According to Wilkipedia  "the main role of DNA is the long-term storage of information and it is often compared to a set o...
My first week on Active Rain has been many things... fun, interesting, addicting and familiar.  I can't get away from the feeling that I have done this before.  No, not in another life, but in the real estate life- in the land before time and computers.  Let me explain...Back in the stone ages, l...
Yep, I accept the challenge my  IPOD keeps me sane here, there and everywhere.  We all know there is music in that there box - so when I am on my way from here to there- I can zone out to some of my favorite tunes. As the day goes on and the complaints start to roll in... I check my photos - yep ...
 You may find yourself faced with that offer some $100,000+ over your list price with a listing close to expiring and a seller that is manic to sell.  Mortgage fraud evil doers scour the market looking for these opportunities, these situations make for an easy mark.  The buyer and his front man (...
 I recently had dinner with a developer client who asked me “So Beth, what’s it like to be at ground zero of the real estate market failure?”  Honestly, I hadn’t thought about it quite so dramatically, but the answer is... it’s not that bad. March brings a bit of long awaited hope.  Although the ...

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