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  When you go to the grocery store, you see prices for your daily consumables, usually ending in $.99.  Same thing with cars...this late model peach is $19,999!  Under $20k!  Today only!  It is obviously a psychological strategy, and I am certain it has its place.  Just not in real estate.  Let m...
It's October, traditionally nearing the end of the selling season.  This year is a little different however.  I am not sure how your market is (remember, real estate markets are LOCAL!), but ours is still hot.  The interest rates have come back down significantly, there is still very low inventor...
Brokers--   How many times have you dealt with an "Ego Agent"?   I feel like at least twice a week I have an interaction with one of these personalilty types.  Big talking, big mouthed, better than you, etc.  You know the type.   Why are there so many of these kinds of agents in our business?  It...
Hello everyone!  I really appreciate you taking the time to read this! Here we are in Mid May.  The true HEART of the selling season.  And what a selling season it has been so far.  I've been a broker for about 9 years, and I have never seen anything like this.  I figured I would check in with so...
Hello friends and associates.  This is MARCH, the true beginning of the selling season.  Things are getting crazy around here....the competition for homes is cut-throat and real.  If you are buying a home, you better have all your ducks in a row....pre-approval in hand, down-payment at the ready,...
Welcome spring, the real estate market missed you!  It’s now March, the true beginning of the selling season.  Traditionally, every year at this time we start to see more and more listings hit the market until June when the inventory generally peaks out and then starts trailing off.     As a Rea...
Did you see this article?   If you have been reading my blog or newsletters for the last 2 years, you will recall that I am a huge proponent of investment real estate.  I own multiple properties, and I am known...
Buyers!  This message is for YOU!  Let's talk about the market.    I am betting that you have been seeing prices jumping.  As a Realtor, I am seeing the same thing.  And, I am seeing buyers that are thinking twice all the sudden about being in the market.  Are you one of these buyers?   Maybe you...
Where Is This Market Going? By all accounts, this has been a resurgent year for real estate in America.  Interest rates have remained crazy low, new construction is picking back up, the resale market continues to be very strong, and the rental market continues to show strength too!  So what's nex...
These days, a real estate transaction can be done completely via the internet.  Through technology such as electronic signatures, efaxing, etc, nothing needs to be done in person.  These kinds of technologies have saved my clients and I thousands of hours, and countless trees.  In fact, my office...

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