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It May Take Years for Housing to BottomJohn LounsburyHow far are we from a bottom in U.S. home prices? There are many estimates that there could be another 10% or more for the national average and median prices to decline. This author estimated that 2010 had a most probable decline around 11% fro...
Will short sale hurt spouse's perfect credit?By Benny L. Kass, Inman NewsQ. I am upside down on my home, which I purchased before getting married, and my spouse has not been added to the loan. Can I do the following: short sale and default on the balance without wrecking my spouse's perfect credi...
Five Key Points on Buying a Short SaleBy: Tim Iacono Now that our attempt to purchase a short sale property has come to a disappointing conclusion (see this item from Monday for full details), the catharsis of sharing a few parting thoughts on the subject seemed to be in order so as to, perhaps, ...
Short sale help on the way for "underwater homes" in D.C.By York Van Nixon III  Despite relative improvements in real estate markets in our city, many homeowners still find they owe more on their properties than some are worth ("underwater"). For those who don't qualify for loan modification, sta...
Home Sellers Beware! In an odd twist to the old adage, "Buyer Beware", this real estate market adds additional problems to already burdened real estate sellers.The scenario - homeowner is behind on their mortgage payments, the house has just enough value to payoff the mortgage and the closing cos...
The Effects of a Foreclosure The Pew Research Center released the results of a survey this week that found that more than one-third of Americans say it is acceptable under some circumstances to stop paying a mortgage and walk away from a home and its mortgage.Moral questions aside, I wonder wheth...
The impact of short sales and foreclosures on your credit scoreby Katerina Nikolas Faced with the prospect of losing their home many people also worry about the negative impact it will have on their credit score. Despite current financial difficulties they often consider how either a short sale o...
Maryland bill provides foreclosure mediation for homeownersBy Ovetta Wiggins Beginning this summer, Maryland homeowners at risk of losing their properties will have another option to stave off foreclosure. The Maryland General Assembly this week approved a mediation program that will give homeown...
Short sales are in high demand in this down economy. They have become commonplace amongst listing agents, and can present quite a bargain for the savvy househunter who knows where to look.But they are also a complex and complicated transaction that requires some knowledge and research. As with an...
A new real estate algorithm: Cut your lossesBalancing the 'short sale'By Scott Cousins When it comes to mortgage payments, conventional wisdom says there's a simple algorithm about cash flow: If you don't have enough, your home is in real danger. And if you owe more than your home is worth - know...

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