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Buying a home is one of the biggest purchases you will make in your lifetime. When you purchase a home, you’ll most likely need a loan, and that becomes the biggest debt you’ll ever have to re-pay. Your credit rating plays a very important role in how much your home loan will cost you. Here is in...
Realtors do you take the time to interview the loan officer who's pre-approval is with the buyers offer to purchase prior to submitting that offer to your sellers ?  The cold hard, being a loan officer today requires much more than taking a loan application, running credit, presenting the rates &...
The $8000.00 Federal Tax Credit for 1st time home buyers has done for the most part what it was suppose to, help boost housing sales in a lack luster housing market. With the expiration date of 11/30/09 on the horizon I am seeing last minute applications from 1st home buyers coming in at an alarm...
 I believe you get back what you give in life, my success is not based on the income I earn, but rather on the number of people's lives I can touch and help. Honestly is the cornerstone of everything I do or have done, both in my personal and business life. You can never go wrong telling the trut...
When you are comparing financing options for your new or existing home purchase and want a loan product that will take into consideration how long you have lived at your current residence, how long you have been on your job, and how you pay your rent, cell, electric and insurance bills. Consider ...
Ok so you're a 1st time homebuyer or someone looking to sell there current home and buy another. I'm sure with all the news today about housing prices and the credit crunch you must have several questions regarding these topics, if you like most of the people I come in contact with you've heard t...
Most of the new clients I come into contact today with struggle to remember the name of the loan officer they worked with last, why?  When business was plentiful, there was no need to keep in contact with that client after the transaction had been completed, simply there was an abundance of new c...
This is the question I ask myself time and time again. Throughout my business career I have owned and managed several companies and have always been up front and forthright with my customers. As I look back and remember I was the one who did the right thing put myself in my customers shoes, what ...

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