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There are numerous reasons to buy a house now - assuming you really want to.  And by "now," I mean within the next 6 months.  Even though the economy is a mess, unemployment rates are higher than they've been in a generation, and home sales are sluggish, there's never been a better time to be a b...
Like many aging baby boomers, I've had more than one career.  I started out as a print journalist during the 1970s, working for newspapers and magazines.  In the '80s, I moved into public relations, advertising and marketing, ultimately becoming a partner in a suburban ad agency.  It wasn't until...
You need to buy a home, or perhaps sell one and buy another.  So where do you start your search? Once upon a time - that is, before about 1996 - you simply called or stopped into a real estate office and asked to see the agency's big MLS books filled with home listings in your price range.  Now, ...

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