Please tell me, if you have any idea as to why it is a good idea to have a private account on Instagram if you are doing everything in your power to encourage people to contact you for business purposes.  Why do agents advertise their face and phone number on park benches and shopping carts but h...
Tourist in Seattle?Need something to entertain your out of town guests?Kids out of school for the holiday break and need something to get out of the house? It is time to visit the headquarters of Fran's Chocolates in Georgetown, just a little south of downtown Seattle.  Not only will you be visit...
Google makes videos and Gif's for me.  It is almost like having a tech/production assistant behind the scenes...almost. Google made the short 30 second movie below from the shots used to make a blog post "How to make cold brew cacao"
Hey Active Rain team, I know you work behind the scenes making things tick around here.  It is probably a thankless job and now it is time we say THANK YOU! While having a cup of sipping chocolate with Rene Fabre I recently noticed that I can post direct to Active Rain and include photos while us...
Every day while we are out and about we see things.Things that make us think, or even sometimes say out loud "What were they thinking".This was a doorstop.... 
#brainfood #chocolate #clockhour #continuingedu #class #Seattle #guesswhatiscoming #mobilecomcamp Rene Fabre and I are scheming again...    
(This is really about business not olive oil, just keep reading for 30 seconds.)    Trader Joe's is to blame.    They made it far too easy for me to consume olive oil. Up until a few weeks ago our family would consume about 2 bottles of olive oil per year.  We've more than doubled our consumption...
So the Seattle Seahawks didn't win the Superbowl.  If you are a Seahawk fan here is how to bring yourself back to a functioning state the day after the big game.   Step 1.  Eat chocolate Chocolate increases the amount of enddorphins such as serotonin released in  your brain.  It makes you feel ha...
  Chocolate I taste fine chocolate. Usually craft chocolate.  Most days it is for pleasure, occasionally I’ll taste professionally, either way it is typically a delicious learning experience.   What I've found is that some bars are quick to reveal their flavor notes.  Bold.  Up front.  Hard to mi...

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