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You are driving along minding your own business in the historic part of Searcy AR and see this site.     OOPS!  another one bit the dust!  Another house gone!So you start wondering exactly which one it WAS that IS no longer.  I love the way we can go on-line now and see what used to be at that si...
The points just rolled over.  I watched.  I have been on activerain since about 2007 and have put up over 1700 blogs.Now I have joined the millionaire's club!  This activerain blog site has been so much fun (still is) and I have made new friends, learned a lot, shared a lot and want to say thank ...
Look at this old advertisement that I put out in 1993!  It was found amidst other treasures sent to my daughter from someone who discovered it and thought she might like to have it.  I LOVE IT!  Note there was no cell phone in this ad but there was a pager number.  Pagers are gone.  Home phones a...
The Rendezvous CafeWho would have believed that the old give-away match book covers from years ago when almost everyone smoked would be somewhat collectible today?  Well, evidently they are.  This one from Searcy AR's beloved Rendezvous Cafe is now on ebay with a sales price of $4.99.  It is hist...
Elvis Presley?  Who remembers Elvis?The whole world remembers Elvis and I assume most of us LOVE Elvis Presley!  I just discovered Elvis in another way.  Quilt panels or other types of cloth panels for making memories of Elvis.  Daughter is having an estate sale in Searcy AR on March 8, 9, and 10...
We were discussing an old business in downtown Searcy AR a few days ago.  The Lure Cafe was the subject of a blog.  Reread it HERE.  A very thoughtful and completely knowledgeable Searcy resident,  Philip Williams, told us that his dad had a store that was just about two or three doors down from ...
This was a long time ago.  Folks smoked.  Folks had three digit phone numbers.  E. H. Durham family owned or operated The Lure Cafe in downtown Searcy across from the Mayfair Hotel.  This little matchbook cover was on ebay and I added it to my collection.  I also found an old blog that I'd done a...
Obviously, this is a big crowd gathered on Spruce Street in downtown Searcy AR.  So what are they watching?  Pate Pearson has shared this picture AND his research.  He discovered that Buster Brown and Tige was a traveling show that visited towns and it was very popular.  He furthermore magnified ...
December 1995, the last chapter that I wrote regarding the origins of Searcy Country Club.  It really is a fun story told to me by a nice gentleman, Hubert Smith, who has passed on but is not forgotten. 
November issue of Origins of Searcy Country Club, written by Barbara S Duncan, and published in the 1995 monthly newsletter to members of the Searcy Country Club. 

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