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Boys and Girls State Members?  What year?I used to teach at Searcy High School, Searcy AR, so I remember most of these young people.  I can't read the shirts but I think they were the Boys and Girls State members who got to go to the state meeting and possibly run for office and get a real taste ...
My three cents.  Wonder what the refund would be worth now?  And I wonder if I can still get the three cents?  I looked for a date and found none but this refund has to be old because Montgomery Ward & Co. has not been around in a long, long time.  If I lived close enough to the banks listed perh...
A heavy snow in Spring Park, Searcy AR?This is a post card that is on ebay right now asking for a buyer.  I have not seen this card before and chances are the Searcy Sleuths have not seen it either.  It shows the old library that was in Spring Park.  It has been replaced with a bigger, nicer libr...
OK, Searcy Sleuths, here's a new one!  What happened to the O.K. Taxi and Cafe that was operating in Searcy AR in 1951. This photo was in the 1951 Harding Petit Jean and shows a couple beside a cab with the advertisement saying they were enjoying a coke in the friendly atmosphere of the O.K. Cafe...
      This is an unbelievably beautiful home that is now on the market in Searcy AR.  REALTORS toured it this morning and we came away in a state of awe because it is so lovely and so well maintained.  When I noticed that it was on the market my memories came back.  I had done a blog on that part...
Remember this popular grocery store?It is no longer standing but it is a fond memory for so many Searcy folks.  This picture was in the 1972 Harding Petit Jean and it brings back so many memories.  Volkswagens!  They were loved and so many people had them.  Most of them may be in other countries ...
Bee Rock, Searcy ARKTempted?  Yes, I am tempted to try to buy this old post card that is on ebay right now.  I have never seen a postcard featuring  Bee Rock in Searcy, Arkansas.  Yes, I have heard of Bee Rock, and I remember warning my kids NOT to go to that spot and try climbing rocks.  I have,...
After the tornado.While listing a property recently, I saw this old picture just laying on the bookcase.  The back of it says March 1952.  Jim & Julian McFadden.  I quickly asked if I could borrow it and share on this blog.  The owner gave me permission.  It is just a snapshot but shows the devas...
Searcy Daily Citizen 1929I bought this picture at a recent estate sale.  I guess I'm a sucker for old pictures.  This one was framed and on the back of the frame were the names of the picture's people.  It may be hard to figure out who is who and what they are near because we probably don't have ...
A happy child at Harmony.Working in real estate brings new friends.  My blog has several Searcy Sleuths as neighbors who help me track Searcy news, myths, and history.  They also provide great pictures for sharing.  The above picture comes as a result of my trying to track the history of 9.26 acr...

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