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Since we had so many Searcy people trying to figure out yesterday's old photo, here's another.  I believe Paula made this with her Girl Scout's project in photography in the 40's.  I can remember, almost, hearing people talk about Economy Wholesale, but being new in town, I certainly don't know ...
This fantastic old picture of downtown Searcy Arkansas is worth displaying.  You see our old Courthouse in the background and I believe this is part of the old Ford Buick Place.  I called my husband in to ask him where it was and he got all excited and said it was on the East side of the Courtho...
We've got people shopping again!!  I was showing a house today to people who have bought from me before and let me sell their house before.  You know, those people that you absolutely love!! They referred a relative to me and we were looking at a house for the third time.  My past clients were to...
I blogged about the very creative invitation that I received to the Preview Party of woodartists Tim Hogan, Robert Miller, Sheila Skinner and Paul Pitt. I attended the event last night, Thursday January 15, 2009.  The artists had brought out lots of their works for exhibit or purchase.  I snapped...
The other day I didn't write a blog and I actually felt guilty.  That's a strange feeling to have just because you didn't write a blog.  So I started wondering why I do any blogging in the first place. My website already pulled up on the first page of Google.  My business was doing fine.  So when...
Nurse comes in and asks how the patient is. Hubby, "I'm fine and how are you?"   Well, he's not fine.  He's there for elective surgery and is sitting in bed with a gown on and a hairnet. I am sitting in a chair beside him wishing I were somewhere else.  Nurse says, "Well, I don't feel so good.  I...
Perhaps you get tired of hearing about skunks and possums and how many we have around my house due to our being too free with food and because my Raven-eating cat has cat food on the porch which she'll share if she has a juicy crow or bird to eat. But here's another success story.  We had a heck...
I received a box in the mail.  It was a neat little white box that was easy to open. When I opened it it was filled with sawdust and a small card lay on top of the sawdust. What is this?  Did they forget to put the object in?  Is this a joke?  Where's my gift???? Then I read it.  It was an invit...
We have been educated by Charles Buell's blog about what makes a bedroom.  That man is so thorough!  If you've never visited his blog, do so now.  He is a home inspector who lives in Washington with his deceased friend Raven.  He occasionaly has a squirrel named Nutsy visit him. But with all his ...
This old photo shows a lot of men and boys (Where are the ladies?) dressed in their Sunday (probably) fine suits and one man is pushing the other in a wheel barrow.  I like the way they are all dressed the same, just as we dress alike today and this was around 1900. The White County Historical S...

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