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  I wrote a blog about my husband's tomato growing a few days ago.  There is nothing that is more anticipated in the South than home-grown tomatoes. Except perhaps home-grown watermelons!  I'm eating cantaloupe right now and I've always been too fastidious to really enjoy watermelon. I love this...
I've been telling folks to get this tax credit by buying a house.  This blog makes it very real!  I hope some of my Searcy Arkansas White County readers may see this.       This is an actual check from one of my First Time Buyers who bought a home last month, and immediately filed his 2008 tax re...
A bear story made the news in Arkansas. The state newspaper Arkansas Democrat-Gazette carried the cute story of a bear being caught somewhere in the city.  They tranquilize the bear, pull a tooth for some reason and tag him and go put him out in the woods somewhere. The editorial section had this...
We got "rolled." We haven't been "rolled" since we had young kids at home and their friends thought that was a fun thing to do. The "rolled" greeted me as I went to pick up the morning newspaper. They musta got the houses mixed up because we've just got a new neighbor who shares the mailstand wi...
  This old photo taken by my friend Paula when she was doing a Girl Scout's photography project is one of my favorite of Searcy Arkansas during the 40's, I think. I've posted various pictures that she loaned me for my blog. This photo shows what is now Quattlebaum Music Store and what is still S...
I'm reposting this blog from Don Thompson's blog with his permission.  Memories of WWIII remember the Service Flag hanging in our window of the house on North Main across from the First Methodist Church. I lived with my grand parents and the flag represented their son, Alvin Graham. Then there wa...
TV is not my thing.  I rarely watch and haven't learned how to go beyond VCR and haven't taped any favorite shows in ages. But being from Arkansas, one hour away from Conway, I decided to be loyal and watch "American Idol" Wednesday night.  I did take a book with me to read during commercials and...
        The Governor of Arkansas is Mike Beebe from Searcy Arkansas.  He used to be just a good old guy who worked as an attorney in Searcy and played golf with the fellows.  He still plays golf with the fellows and is still a good guy but now lives in the Governor's mansion in Little Rock. A few...
What more can be said?  This home inspector delivered two of these trays and sat them on our table at our office.  If he brought them to us, he must have taken them to all of the real estate offices.  He left his card and I'm putting it on this blog.  I've used him and like him.  How can you not...
Perhaps being married to a blogger makes you fair game.  Of course, he didn't ask for it when he married me because he didn't know I'd become a tattler on a blog site.  But he's stuck now. What is his latest thing to do? He went to the barber shop and gathered human hair to put around his six  fo...

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