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This picture of the old Plaza Theatre in Searcy, AR, also known by kids as the cheap ticket theatre is featured so nicely in this old photograph. The band is in perfect order.  But look above at the brick detail.  And now look at the picture of the same building today.  It has been updated and t...
When conversation gets strained, what can you talk about? The weather, of course!  Why do so many salesmen (men are worse than women) start every conversation with a weather observation or question?  It's a non-controversial subject! So today in Searcy Arkansas, I'm talking about the weather.  He...
It's been this way for years and years. "Honey, could you get me up at 5:30 in the morning?  I've got to go golfing with my buddies and it takes us a few hours to get to the course."   "Honey, my plane leaves at 6:00 am.  Could you get me up at 3:30 so I'll have plenty of time to get to Little Ro...
Just a blog or two ago, I found this fixer-upper for my little godson Nutsy, the super-squirrel-home-inspecter-assistant from Washington, Certifried.  He sorta likes it here in Arkansas and wants to vacation here. He sniffed at it and turned his little nose up like most spoiled godchildren do tod...
My husband is pretty cocky about his dancing.  He thinks he's good....and he is.  When I discovered I paid for a higher internet speed just to be able to watch some of the fun things on it. When I discovered this Evolution of Dance I fell in love.  I had to call my husband in to show ...
This story is from my daughter.....I liked it so much I'm blogging it..... Had a big adventure last night. The cats (my three plus a few more) had downed a bird and appeared to be taking turns plucking it for a group dinner. I arrived home to find them crouched in a loose circle in the backyard -...
I love JCPenney! I love them because for the past two years or so they've send me $10 gift certificates for Mother's Day or Valentine's Day or Christmas or maybe just because they love me as a customer!! JCPenney advertises a LOT!  They are probably the greatest advertiser in the newspapers these...
Yesterday's blog showed the class of 1952, Mrs. Knox's kindergarten class in Searcy AR.  There were lots of beautiful children and one of my readers sent me this photo! This photo shows the very first class that Mrs. Knox had. The White Country Historical Society says in one of their newsletters...
I borrowed this picture from the White County Historical Society News, March 2009.  It shows so many cute children on the porch of Mrs. Klyster Knox's home on North Main in Searcy Arkansas.  The article stated that she started her kindergarten in 1949 with 12 children.  It grew until it had 60 c...
In another life I must have been from England because I've always loved English Tudor styled houses.  They always attract me, fascinate me, and make me dream. This is the best, in my opinion, English Tudor in Searcy Arkansas.  It is located very near downtown Searcy and has been there since 1945...

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