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I've had to drive to Beebe a lot lately and I love driving through the old downtown.  I always wonder why they don't come to Beebe and film a movie.  It would create a perfect background for some 40's or 50's movie.  I put up some photos of old town Beebe a few weeks ago.  If you missed them go b...
Stories of ghosts and paranormal activity have always grabbed my attention.  I've always wanted to encounter the activity. Wednesday, Feb 5 2009, the Daily Citizen had an article about an old church having been visited by paranormal investigators claiming to have found evidence of ghosts in a vac...
Most of us don't know how to use our MLS to its fullest value.  I asked an agent this morning if she used the "rubber band" search. "What's the rubber band search?" she responded. Up until two weeks or so ago I also didn't use it because it was not something I had to have.  Searching in one area ...
Less than six months ago, the area in front of Searcy Country Club was wooded, filled with soaring pines and deer and skunks and opossums and other wildlife. Then we noticed heavy equipment out there clearing the area.  Then we noticed surveyors planning roads and a subdivision.  Hubby came home ...
I'd just driven up to my office today when this vehicle drove up right beside me.  I was on that side of the car and looked to see who was in the driver's seat.                                    I COULD NOT SEE WHO WAS IN THE DRIVER'S SEAT.                                          I'm right besi...
Drifting out into REO land today I came across another interesting item for my friends on activerain, especially those picky home inspectors that I love, to evaluate. This is a nice house, actually, and not very old, 4 bedrooms 3 baths, and all the other desirable features that make a house sell....
Did you hear the latest news?  The church at fill-in-the-street has bought the two houses that are on their street and will be tearing down the old houses for a parking lot! Good news for the seller if he got a good price. Good news for the church if they get a good deal.                         ...
This blog is written by my friend Don who comments on my blogs and loves the old town of Searcy Arkansas where he grew up.  To see his picture and his very first blog visit him here. ************************************************************************************ Remember what is was like to ...
I wrote the following blog a few months ago in a state of euphoria because I'd received a royalty check from leased mineral rights.  The gas companies held a royalty owners meeting on Nov 10 which I did not attend.  They later sent me a nice letter saying they regretted that I was not there but ...
Lots of foreclosure properties are coming in.  Lots of real estate agents are assigned to get them ready for marketing.  I'm among that lot. One of the main things we have to do is find comparable sales and comparable listings.  We expect our MLS to be helpful in giving us that information. Appra...

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