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Tip, tap, tip, tap, tippity tappity, tap, tap....The sounds happen about every day at this time.  The tip tap sounds are very loud and unusual but used to be very common.  It comes from the agent next door who doesn't do computers but still has her old-fashioned type writer that she does her typi...
I blogged the other day about how the phishers are out and we should beware.Evidently they are also getting worse in some instances...worse in the wording, punctuation, etc.  I taught English way back in my early career and nothing turns me off more than an unprofessional letter.  When I read thi...
Probably the most convincing junk email that we get is from the phishers.  They are much more convincing that the Nigerian letter that tells you to share in their money.Just today I got two emails from my bank ( or so it appears ) telling me that I need to go in and do something. The last one jus...
We were sitting around at our office listening to tales about the ones we lose.  We lament the sales that fall through.  My particular story was about this lovely young woman that I'd walked through the processes of getting her approved for USDA Rural Development Direct Financing.  Now that is a ...
I'd like to put out a question to those of you who may work for Fannie Mae by doing the foreclosures in your area.  I have been doing Fannie Mae houses for about 5 years.  Within the past few years we've had several foreclosures in our area.Unique for me, however, was Fannie Mae's taking one fore...
I suspect you got up this morning just as I did and checked your email and checked for new listings on the Multiple Listing Service.  As just as I, you probably did a little silent fuming because there's a new listing in a great neighborhood or one that is out in the "boonies" which is too far to...
When we start feeling sorry for ourselves we need to do a little research.  I have been reading a few Pearl Buck novels that I bought at an auction.  They tell about life in China and mention "foot-binding" which was not outlawed until 1902, according to Wikipedia.We women can now have productive...
Wipe out the month of December......nothing happens in real estate.  Too many people are doing Christmas.  Houses can't be seen for the decorations.  People can't shop for houses because they are shopping for gifts.But now it's almost mid-January and things are reviving.  I had two offers come in...
I love my old Sony Mavica camera and bought myself a new wide angle lens from ebay that would fit the camera.  On some of my pictures the rooms look great and large, especially in empty houses.But I have a new listing and the pictures that I took make the walls curve, the refrigerator curve, and ...
Ever notice how we all dress the same.  A group photo would show all of us today with the same fashions with slight variations.  And in a few years the fashions will look absolutely laughable.  I've always enjoyed looking back at old photos and I especially like the black and white or sepia ones....

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