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Thanks for checking out my blog. It's all about real estate, property for sale at the beach, resort properties, reading, good music, church activities, leadership, motivation,investment public speaking. international real estate and anything else that happens to cross my mind.
Today is very cold here at the beach! (22 degrees)  Winter is not officially here, but the frigid temperatures say otherwise.  I am so grateful to live in a warm home, with a huge pot of homemade soup on the burner!  Have spoken with my sister this morning from the other side of the state.  All i...
TGIF…This has been quite the week, but hey, the work week is over! That is unless that bonafide, pre-qualified, cash in the pocket customer calls me. I will forsake my socks and comfy sweats, put on my professional duds, and apply that game face. You know, the one with bright eyes, smiles, and co...
Today has been a most frustrating day. I was fortunate to have received a referral. Potential client was military, pre-approved, and was scheduled for a house-hunting trip in December. After spending several hours in preparation, I received a call from him that his lender had assigned a Realtor®,...
   Amy Hahn tagged me and is trying to teach me how to do neat blogging stuff!  I'm hoping this student is following instructions!   Tag you're now it!  Here are the rules: 1. Grab the nearest book*.                                                                                 2. Open the book ...
Was just elected as Pres.elect of the Carteret County Assoc. of REALTORS!  I was president a million years ago in 1995!  This year, no one would step up and serve.  How sad!  So, I was convinced that even with everything else I'm doing, I could and should do this!  Volunteerism at it's best(worst...
Have been working on international investments today - husband and I will someday retire back to Central America. We've lived in Costa Rica, and will either choose to return there or Panama.
Still haven't gotten the photo background 'thing' straightened out on the blog, but working on it. Let me know if you can offer assistance.
Today, I participated in a planning session for our local chapter of the Women's Council of REALTORS.  Without a doubt, the women sitting around that conference room table were some of the most dynamic, enthusiastic, and professional REALTORS I know.  Our local chapter leadership has planned a ye...
Enjoyed the time at NAR in Orlando; renewing friendships, networking, and working!  Was pleased to hear over and over that our real estate 'adjustment' is actually happening!  Here on the North Carolina coast, there are great opportunities for real estate...second homes, investing, and also for t...
WWW.BRENDABALLARD.COMGood morning!  It's great to live and work on the Crystal Coast of North Carolina.  The weather is sunny and a bit chilly today. That will change quickly as today's high should be in the 60's.  If you're wondering if now is the time to buy a home at the beach, let me assure y...