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I have a very concerned seller who is up-rooting his family out of California to relocate back to Texas. He will need to short-sale his current home in California and purchase a new home in Texas.  Has anyone heard of any banks going after sellers' assets (like a lien against another property and...
As we all know and regardless which Lender/Banks, Loss Mitigation Departments are so overwhelmed with hundreds of short-sale request packages they receive on a daily basis. As I constantly speak with many negotiators in Loss Mitigation Departments for every short-sale listings I have. I have been...
December 21, 2007 was the day that most suffering homeowners have been waiting for - The day when G.W. Bush signed that Bill of Tax/Debt Relief Act of 2007.  As many have already experienced that almost every homeowners are suffering from the huge loss in equity on their homes and with the NEG-AR...
I spoke with a few of the lenders that I am waiting on answers for the short-sale listings that I currently have:One lender received the complete package as acknowledged on 8/21/07.  I found out today that the package was finally received by the negotiator on 11/23/07 (3 Months Later!) and that t...
We all know that short-sale transactions are long & tedious and in short "a patience test".  I used to believe that it would take 45-60 days to close a short-sale transaction. However, I am experiencing a 60-75+ days to close due to some lenders/negotiators ways of not responding right away and/o...
Happy New Years! I am looking for new ways on how I can improve my website. I need your opinion on it. Please let me know what you think of it and any improvements I can make.  In addition, I would like to get your ideas on better ways to drive traffic - how do you drive traffic to your website? ...
Unless you have been in the business over 10+ years, then you can call yourself a "rookie" at selling a short-sale property. Basic 101:(1) Be nice to the lender. Be friendly and professional. They are the one you are asking for approval.(2) Ask questions! Don't be afraid to let them know that you...
My sellers' home is located in Mountain House, CA were there is a huge number of inventory that sits on the market for an average of 90-180 days and/or until it expires. My sellers' were very hesitant to place their home on the market during the holidays as they feel that it would be a waste of t...
Welcome to the Bay Area's most convenient and comprehensive new hometown.  Mountain House is a brand new 20-year Master Planned Community ("New.Home.Town") located in the gateway to the Bay Area.  Remember the time when neighbors cared about neighbors and "community" was that special place you ca...

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