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Grand Rapids, Michigan real estate information including houses for sale, rent and home buyer/seller tips. Also includes wisdom and insights from Lola Audu, CRS Associate Broker. The information provided on this blog belong to Audu Real Estate. Audu Real Estate is not responsible for the opinions, thoughts or ideas expressed by visitors.
Over the past year, I've heard variations of this scenario in the negotiation of Short Sale transactions. I call it Short Sale Parking. For all intents and purposes, the home for sale looks like a regular listing.  An unsuspecting buyer contacts a real estate agent to write up a purchase agreemen...
A segment of a TV interview about online profiles arrested my attention.  It was a discussion about the fact that many people now prefer to have their lives segmented into different profiles.  Some even incorporate totally different personalities which they share with friends as they deem appropr...
Well, 2010 is finally here. At Audu Real Estate, we were working hard until the end of 2009.  For those who predicted that the end of the year would lapse quietly into oblivion, they didn't factor in a number of hard working agents in Grand Rapids, Michigan who were busy helping buyers get homes ...
The announcement that the Home Buyer Tax Credit would be extended has definitely perked up buying activity for our client base, but buyers are not the only ones who are seeking to take advantage of this turn of events.  Over the past several weeks, a number of clients have contacted us requesting...
This has been a busy, busy week. Have you found that Christmas has the same effect as planning a vacation when you're in real estate?  But, my busy week has been nothing compared to the fireworks that have been springing up all over one very popular consumer site aka Zillow. Wow...these are the h...
        I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas... I'm crossing my fingers on this view for Christmas this year.  We had a snow storm last week which dumped a heap of snow in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  Schools were closed and events canceled.  However this week things have cleared up considerably and the...
It is not yet noon this Monday morning (12/14/2009).  Yet, I have already had several conversations with clients who are disconcerted.  On the one hand, they have heard that the market is improving, but the news about their specific home in their specific Grand Rapids, Michigan neighborhood seem...
You never know just where a real estate deal will take you! When the agent contacted me about a pre-view request for my listing, I thought it would be simply a routine home showing request. But as the conversation proceeded, I learned that Marcia Vander Woude who is also an Adjunct Professor at ...
"If you follow the usual prescription, not only will you put yourself on a path to burnout but you'll also miss a singular opportunity to turn the issue of fear to your advantage"  Tyler Lewke - Founder of Lewke Partners in Crystal Lake Ill. Mr. Lewke made this arresting statement in the Commenta...
             Like many folks on the blogosphere, I've become pretty good at drowning out 'noise' especially electronic noise.  So, I missed most of the discussion about the recent Virtual Real Estate Bar camp because I wasn't tuned into the frequency that was broadcasting the event.              ...

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Grand Rapids, Michigan real estate information including houses for sale, rent and home buyer/seller tips. Also includes wisdom and insights from Lola Audu, CRS Associate Broker.

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