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One Arizona Real Estate Virtual Assistants Tips, Tricks and Advice for the Savvy Real Estate Professional.
                 Search Engine Optimization: Optimizing Your Images "alt" Attribute There are several things, considered "spamming", that you can do to try to get your page listed higher on a search engine results page. Basically, you should never try to trick a search engine in any way, or you r...
                    Search Engine Optimization: Optimizing Your Images "alt" Attribute   Did you know that any images on your page can help your listings too? Each image on your page can include a keyword phrase or two that relates to the image. This text will also show up & help those that may h...
               Search Engine Optimization: Optimizing Your Meta Tags   Meta tags were originally created to help search engines find out important information about your page that they might have had difficulty determining otherwise. For example, related keywords or a description of the page itse...
   Search Engine Optimization:Optimizing Your Page Copy  The copy on your page is also very important in order to achieve better search engine listings. Actually, it is very close to being as important as your title tag so make sure you keep reading! By 'copy' we mean the actual text that a visit...
                           Search Engine Optimization:Optimizing Your Title TagWithout question the title tag of your page is the single most important factor to consider when optimizing your web page for the search engines. This is because most engines & directories place a high level of importa...
  Search Engine Optimization: Selecting the Correct Keywords   To get listed correctly in the search engines each page of your site that you want listed needs to be optimized to the best of your ability. Since the keywords that you decide to target will be used throughout the optimization proces...
On a lighter note I found some jokes about the industry and just thought I would share on this lovely Friday. Have a great weekend everybody!!! *** Jokes found at Real Estate Funny   Letters to a landlord   Excerpts from actual letters sent to landlords The toilet ...
  Search Engine Optimization: Potential Design/Set Up Problems   Unfortunately for some of you there are some site design/set up issues that can make it very difficult for the search engines to list your web pages no matter how well you optimize and submit them. We list them here, before you get...
  Search Engine Optimization   Search engine optimization can be difficult and confusing. Knowing this we decided to put together some tips to help you with the process. They cover everything you need to know about optimizing your web pages for the search engines quickly and easily.   Search eng...
Do You Blog To?  Blogging how can using this simple and almost free tool to talk about you and your business really get you the exposure you want and need as a business professional?? It seems like this day and age anybody who is anybody has a blog somewhere or a MySpace page out there on the Wo...

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