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Vondran Legal means BUSINESS!  Legal Advice you can BANK on! IntroductionWhen your business is involved in legal disputes, you need competent legal counsel experienced in contracts, intellectual property, negotiation, arbitration, litigation and mediation (as well as a strong grasp of the substan...
Vondran Legal is a Premier Real Estate Firm with offices in California and Arizona!  We have helped countless brokers, real estate agents, homeowners and others in BRE accusations and licensing matters, arbitration, mediation and state & federal litigation.  About UsOur law firm launched in 2004....
What to do when the Seller fails to disclose material defects in the property being sold.  IntroductionIt's an exciting time in your life.  You are buying a new piece of property, or even a business opportunity.  The seller makes you what you think is a pretty good deal and you sign the purchase ...
What to do when you get a Desist and Refrain Order from the BRE IntroductionSo let's say you are working for a mortgage company, property management company or some other real estate company.  Your job function does not require you to have a real estate license (i.e. you are not engaged in "licen...
When your real estate broker license and reputation are being attacked with a civil lawsuit, and insurance carrier issues a "reservation or rights" letter, you might need to request "Cumis Counsel" to protect your interests.  California Civil Code Section 2860.  Watch our two intro videos explain...
2018 California Bureau of Real Estate Compliance Updates - Attorney Steve Insights This blog represents my personal observation and opinions as a real estate lawyer over the past 14 years.  I have dealt with the BRE on many occasions (licensing issues, removing restrictions, I have had over 60 ad...
ADRE Audit & Investigation - Property Management Audits on the Rise? IntroductionOur firm has handled countless property management audits for our California real estate brokers and salespersons and the regulatory action in the Golden State is pretty high.  However, we have not seen as much from ...
 Unreasonable delay in filing of administrative charges or commencement of hearing IntroductionSay you committed a crime twenty years ago (ex. theft, DUI, shoplifting, drunk in public, robbery, larceny, forgery, etc.) and 10 years after that you earned a real estate license (disclosing and explai...
California DBO Statement of Issues Overview - Call us at (877) 276-5084! IntroductionThe California Department of Business Oversight oversees CFL licensing (California Finance Lender) and also California Residential Mortgage Lending.  For persons and companies seeking CFL licensing, some hurdles ...
How to surrender your California real estate license while an investigation or accusation is pending.  BRE SAMPLE PETITION TO SURRENDER REAL ESTATE LICENSE CAL BP 10100.2IntroductionThis real estate law blog discusses surrendering your real estate license in California when you no longer want to ...

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