Good article on why a person who is in Chapter 13 bankruptcy, trying to save their home and bring their loan current, may want to challenge the proof of claim filed by their lender or loan servicer.
Listen to our foreclosure radio show discussing the topic of HUD angst with foreclosure irregularities.  Everyone is mad, can anything be done??
I am conducting a foreclosure chain of title investigation.  Does anyone have any signatures of Krystal Hall, Idaho Notary or Vicki Sorg? In particular, in relation to substitution of attorney or assignment of Deed of Trust documents (or any other notarized documents)? If so, please email me at s...
If anyone has any known signatures of Chris Tulio or J.Rios California Notary please let me know and we will trade you what we have.  We are conducting a chain of title review on a foreclosure case. particularly if you have them on assignments of deed of trust, substitution of trustee or affidavi...
Willing to trade what I have. Conducting a foreclosure analysis.   Thank you.   All parties are presumed innocent and to be in conformance with the law.  
Hear in general terms what takes place at a foreclosure hearing on Demurrer for a wrongful foreclosure case in California.  We were opposed by a strong-willed law firm which is one of the biggest foreclosure firms in California.  They fought hard to get our wrongful foreclosure cause of action t...
We have just launched a new mortgage lending law website specific to the issues of mortgage lending representation.  If anyone has any good ideas on articles you would like us to blog on, in providing general legal information, just drop us a line and let us know.    
Another link to News on Arizona SB 1259.  Looks like the Produce the Note theory in Arizona chain of title is dying a slow death.  Sounded great at first, then typical politics takes over.    

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