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FORECLOSURE CASE INVOLVING MERS / INDYMAC – LEGAL BRIEFING OF CASE BY CALIFORNIA AND ARIZONA FORECLOSURE LAWYER STEVE VONDRAN. The foregoing is just my personal interpretation/opinion of the case and is not intended to be construed as legal advice or a substitute for legal advice.  For specific ...
  Here is the situation, in this age of securitized loans, (where loan servicers try to intentionally hide the identity of the true creditor of the loan, or where there simply is no way to tell for sure who owns the loan) it is usually very difficult to determine who owns your loan.  The loan ser...
  We have been getting more and more questions about TILA (Truth in Lending Law) and the extended three year right of rescission.  Here is one of our write-ups that discusses this concept in general terms.  THE FOLLOWING IS NOT LEGAL ADVICE OR TO BE CONSTRUED AS LEGAL ADVICE OR A SUBSTITUTE FOR ...
So our Client is filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Arizona.  We are trying to re-affirm the house debt and figure out exactly who we should be talking to.  Of course, this is almost impossible to figure out. GMAC is acting as the loan servicer on one hand, but then the Attorney for GMAC sends us an...
Strategic Defaults or “Buy and Bail”?  What do you call it when you walk away from your home after the lender refuses to do anything meaningful as far as loss mitigation? There is a new wave of happenings in the loss mitigation marketplace.  When a loan servicer or lender fails to modify a loan ...
PREDATORY LAWYERING?  Here is another insider view of the types of things that go on when trying to saving your home from foreclosure......TALES FROM THE FORECLOSURE DEFENSE PIT.  Attorney defending One West Bank and Wells Fargo in a TILA and Predatory lending lawsuit filed by our firm lies abou...

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