I have been getting calls lately from a few active military personnel asking if there are any special loan modification rules and laws that may help a soldier or person employed by the army, navy, air force, marines, national guard or coast guard stay in their home, avoid foreclosure and obtain a...
Attention California and Arizona homeowners - (limited time offer) if you are facing foreclosure and cannot afford your loan in its current condition (i.e. you have an adjustable rate mortgage that is about to adjust or a negative amortization ARM that you cannot keep up with) give us a call to ...
The California legislature has moved to pass a bill known as SB 94.  The law seeks to prevent Brokers (and according to Governor Schwarzennegar) and Attorneys to prevent them from taking advance fees for performing loan modifications.  My office has received many calls from Brokers and Attorneys...
Procuring Cause and Real Estate Commission Disputes - Some Tips and Guidelines to Help Analyze your Commission Dispute (edit/delete) CLICK ON THE PICTURE TO WATCH THE VIDEO!! 2015 UPDATE - Click here to go to our updated blog on procuring cause factors.  We have also included a video so you can ...

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