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Should your agent be present for all showings, regardless if it's their own buyer or not? After all, who knows your house better than your own agent? Who better to actively "sell" your house onto a buyer, right? Well, let's talk about that. The pros, the cons and everything in between.I'll start ...
You have a showing what???For planning purposes, an average showing in our area lasts somewhere around 15-20 minutes, though you should leave at least a good 10-15 minutes before they’re scheduled to arrive. If you try to come back home and they’re still there, keep on driving! F...
It’s show time! I first want to say that it’s important to try to confirm every single showing request that comes in. In owner occupied homes, usually your Realtor will request showing agents give a full day’s notice, unless you are able to accommodate more short notice. Usually showing agents ar...
Should you hire a home inspector before listing your home for sale? Did it even cross your mind?Consulting with your Realtor is always a good idea but let’s talk about why you should at least consider getting one. Is it always in your best interest? No. Could it be in your best interest? Yes. I k...
If you are interviewing Realtors, should you go with the one who tells you the highest list price?Let’s pretend that you just met with three different Realtors and they all gave you different prices, which is highly likely. After all, even if you hired three different appraisers, you are almost c...
A mistake that sometimes comes into play when choosing a Realtor, especially if you are interviewing multiple agents, is making your final decision based off how much a Realtor is willing to negotiate their commission. Think carefully about your end goal before you come out asking for a Realtor t...
While we can all agree that there are some really important factors to look for in a Realtor, there are some factors that aren’t nearly as important as you may think. One factor I'll talk about is that the Realtor or their brokerage office must be local. Now, when I say “local”, I mean within the...
So, you’re thinking of selling your home! What steps should you be taking now or when is the best time to put it on the market? That, of course, is a very personal decision but your motivating factor behind it is really the driving force in deciding when. For example, if your motivating factor is...

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