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How To Generate Leads Online: New Insights for Internet Marketing Strategy With over 70% of consumers reporting that they go the internet first to search for what they need today it is no surprise that internet marketing and lead generation on-line are trending topics which are critical to the s...
Mobile visits to your business are on the rise! But that isn’t news to you. You realize that or you wouldn’t be reading this now. We know that more and more mobile devices are accessing the web on a daily basis. What might be news to you, however, is the actual number of those visitors and the co...
By now you have heard of Twitter. But many agents do not know how to use it to increase your search engine rankings for sites like Google! Well today is your lucky day because I am sharing 10 quick tips to optimize your SEO using Twitter. Here are some things you can do to improve your search eng...
Twitter for Realtors: A Sneak Peek at The Real Estate Twit Covers the most common questions real estate agents have about Twitter. What is Twitter? What is a Tweet? What do all those symbols mean? How can I use SEO on Twitter? How do Get Followers? When to Tweet? What can I Tweet? Learn all this ...
Why real estate agents should use Google Services: Google can help you generate real estatereferrals & leads. Google has more real estate searches than other search engines combined, & more unique visitors than all real estate specific web sites. Google is the most-used search engine for research...
Facebook Fan Page vs Group: Let's Compare First, let's establish that a Facebook presence is crucial to your social media marketing strategy. Now let's compare Facebook Groups are set up for more personal interaction. Groups are also directly connected to the people who administer them, meaning t...
One of the most overlooked aspects of using LinkedIn is that you can actually capture the contact information for all your connections to be used personally. This means you can add them to your own database, e-mail contacts, or more importantly to your other social media networks. How you ask? Si...
So would you like to learn how to create a Facebook fanpage? Then you are in luck. Here is a quick tutorial video (less than five minutes) that will show you how to create a facebook fanpage. Created by Virtu-Assist-providingsocial media virtual assistants for Realtors. We are creating some more ...
Check out the latest presentation on Social Media Marketing for Realtors-this will open your eyes about the impact Social Media can have on your real estate business. Please share your thoughts once you have viewed the video. We would love to hear your thoughts-or if you have questions I am happy...
Check out the latest video presentation on Social Media Marketing for Realtors. This will really open your eyes on the impact of Social Media Marketing for Real Estate. It takes less than 5 minutes to view the entire show. After you watch the video if you have questions or comments on your though...

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