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What happens when the inspector discovers that all utilities or some have been locked out(off)? Last Friday's inspection was a surprise to everybody that water & gas was off.  I always confirm the inspection with email to my client and remind the agent about the utilities to avoid surprises. My a...
MAKING YOUR HOME MORE ENERGY EFFECIENT Lower or raise the thermostat before leaving or going to bed - a great way to do this automatically would be to Install a programmable thermostat - this device will allow you to set a schedule to adjust the temperature up or down a couple of degrees during t...
This is a good example of a new roof installed by an incompetent, unlicensed roofer. 1/4" wide staples when the manufacturer required galvanized nails or 1" wide staples. Metal valley without sufficient clearance to the cut of the composite shingle. Insufficient over-hand at the gutters and sides...
A recent 2 story 40 year 8 plex inspection with 4 units on a slab had serious ventilation problems. With condensation (moisture) on most of the vinyl dual pane windows I knew there  would likely be some issues. The rear wall had mold & rot, inside & out,  at the floor, with some deterioration 12"...
When my office received a call inquiring about flickering lights in a 1960's rambler, I had a pretty good idea what might be the problem. I got out here the next day and immediately went into the garage. It was no surprise to see a Zinsco breaker panel that been installed like in many other Seatt...
These types of foundation cracks are always serious problem. There were several more  around the perimeter of the building. This 55 year old building was slowly sinking in the soft soil as there were no footings under the foundation. All the floors were sloped to the outside walls as the load bea...
Excessive moisture causing serious mold in the Attic. How much moisture much is too much? When the OSB sheathing turns black is an indication its excessive. My moisture meter says this is bad. Whats the cause: inadequate attic insulation and a very wet crawl space. A improved drain system with a ...
Zonolite Attic Insulation commonly used in the Seattle area during the 1950 through 1970 consists of expended vermivculite ore originating from Libby, MT. Libby vermiculite is contaminated with an especially toxic form of asbestos known as tremolite. Recent testing of Zonolite in actual homeowner...
Why did the breaker trip?  Always look under the sink before running the disposal. I wonder what the piece of blue yard signifies?    
The other guy missed this cracked heat exchanger. There were 4 more cracks like this little one.      

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