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I just got a call from Greg Wilson of to do a BPO within 3 days. Then they would give me the listing when it came on the market. All they wanted was my master service agreement and w-9 along signed by me with my 349.00 activation fee. Very tempting! The listing was right in my backy...
I just got the same call today with a sweet listing in my neighborhood. Very tempting! But these days we must do the research before we do business with anybody. I won't waste my time calling back!Before the latest REO hype started in the biz, there were genuine sites that an agent would register...
Don’t lose your house! Especially after a Realtor (who’s been certified to help) has offered to help you. But you didn’t accept that help because you were waiting for that modification to be approved.! Do protect yourself and make him show proof of his certification. But keep in touch in case tha...
I see this first hand, working in this little community of Diamond Bar, CA. Being out in the trenches I've seen the various waves of foreclosures. Ask any Policeman or Fireman when was the last time he/she had over-time? These are people that still have their jobs! How about the homeowner who jus...
Diamond Bar Los Angeles CA - Let me qualify this statement for the regulating powers that be. You must qualify for this loan based on your credit, income and property also known as the three C's which stand for Credit, Capacity and Collateral. The loan for this program is an FHA  purchase money ...

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