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I saw this article on and couldn't understand how so many people and mortgage brokers do not understand that getting cash back on purchase is fraud. They are not talking about the holdbacks for repairs or credits for paint or closing costs but like 50- 100 grand back. I must say, I ...
WHat are sellers looking for in todays market? Do they want open houses held? Do they want virtual tours, limo tours, or any other marketing? Do they like flyers inside the home or outside? Do they like the idea of a staging expert helping to dress up the home? I just wanted to get a feeling for ...
Just wanting to know what kind of offers your buyers are putting in. Do they ask for closing costs to be paid?Do they ask for seller contributions for updating the home or other items?Do they just low ball the price and cover costs themselves?Please let me know what your buyer are and have been a...
Did you know the maximum liability of a van lines claims is .60 a pound if you do not take out additional coverage? It is true. Most companies offer you additional insurance at an additional premium. It is highly recomended to add this extra insurance to provide you additional protection. Wouldn'...
I was just wanting to get other peoples thoughts on the Glendale area. I was born and raised in Glendale and it was always looked down on. When you were telling people you lived in Glendale, they would reply, "California". I would then have to say no Phoenix or just outside of Phoenix.Now we have...
I am an Arizona Native and have over 15 years in the relocation industry. I am also a mortgage broker and a Real Estate Agent. I have a large database of contacts in all fields of the relocation process. I am working on a few offers with other companies and will post the details once they are fin...
Looking for homes in the Glendale area? Please visit my Arizona Homes page for more details.  
I am an Arizona Real Etate Agent and personally serve the Northwest Valley. Please let me know if I can assist you with your next real estate transaction or mortgage. I also do mortgages for a company called Sterling Home Mortgage. We can do loans in Arizona, California, Colorado, Minnesota and N...

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Washington and Arizona mortgages and more. I will post past experiences and tips dealing with all aspects of lending and real estate within the states of AZ and WA