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We  will be bringing to market very soon... 4 new custom homes to carmichael , across from Del dayo and down the street from Jesuit. We have a 5644 square foot model ready to start upon your request. The picture is below and check out the video which shows it. 
This new project will be 3 miles from the freeway. In close , but tucked out of the way. If birds and squirrels scare you....i would get a downtown condo :) Complete Design Homes 916 676 6534 or gmail        
  Four new homes will be available soon for pre reservation. La one went in 2 days.... get ready !! :)
My agent and i have a unique understanding of ourselves, each other and what we are about. We do our dead level best to convey to our clients, what that is. Some don't get it, some get it and run the other way.Then there are those who get it, and us. And we Thank God they do!. We are true to ours...
  Please see the website
Or, as that great philosopher (Kenny Rogers) once wrote.....know when to hold them and know when to fold them. The key to real estate, to life, just may be timing. The shapes may change, but the outcomes are not predetermined, but rather a function of our actions and thoughts. Timing my friends.....
The chances are, if you really like a home..someone else will as well. Are you ready to buy?We have heard all week...but i dont want a bidding war over this great property priced so well.How do you be the one to get it.? Be prepared. Sellers want qualified and committed. 1. Be pre approved. NOT p...

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Granite Bay Luxury New Construction...For Less
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