Handling relationships in a tough marketplace takes planning, patience, and practice!

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In our field it can be really tough to keep our personal relationships on track. Many say that the number one cause of relationship failure is centered on money. When it is flowing, life is good and the relationship is generally good, but when the flow stops the perception of “good” seems to change. Since this happens to all of us at one time or another, we need to head off the negative understanding of good and bad before, during, and after the finances crash and burn. In this case, we need to plan really simple dates with our significant other. A good example would be to simply ride bikes together to the ice cream shop. You’ve heard the old saying plan a date night, but also plan a lunch date with your partner! Do something completely spontaneous! If you have kids teach them by doing your self that life and quality of relationships is much more than money. Remember you are still in business and your best half is supporting you, so why not add a photo of your significant other and showcase your favorite person to your potential clients. Bring your significant other into your business by talking up their unique skills, let your potential buyers and sellers see you are more than a stuffed shirt professional, but instead let them see you being active and loving in your relationship to your significant other and see a warmer side of your profession. Invite neighbors to a pizza party at your house and play monopoly and pass out your business cards! Start a real estate question and answer information group, and just talk to them about how the market works, how short sales work, invite some sales team members on the lending side so that your “future potential” buyers and sellers in your neighborhood can ask questions about their own mortgages in a comfortable setting. Keep the dream of romance alive, as you attempt to keep your business alive in this tough marketplace. Your partner is your silent strength, and if this is true in your life, then you don’t want to let something as temporary as the flow of money to kill the best part of what you have together. Remember, it doesn’t take a lot or money to warm the heart of your partner and success can only be shared with the one you love the most! On the other hand if you’ve tried all this and you have a partner from “the outer limits” that will give you no peace, get rid of them, and quickly, this is a toxic relationship for you and consuming your creative energy…if you are no good for each other, then it is what it is. Start over and leave the baggage at the door! Enjoy your career, and much success!