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Services for Real Estate Pros - "A Quick Note" ...in Tennessee! - Expires May 16, 2023
A word about Pricing for Notary Services:There have been a few times in the last seventeen years when clients or potential clients have grumbled at a price quote for the Notary Services we provide. Still, I have to be understanding, as Mr. and Mrs. Middle Tennessee in the here-and-now of 2019 sti...
I began by offering Loan Signing (Mobile Notary) services in Orange County back in 2003.  Occasionally, I'd receive requests to sign a deal in Los Angeles or San Diego or somewhere in the vast Inland Empire of Riverside and San Bernardino counties.  Later (in 2012), I purchased two San Gabriel Va...
There have been a few instances in the last few years when clients or potential clients have scoffed at a price quote for the Notary Services we provide.  Still, I have to be understanding, as Mr. and Mrs. Joe Six-pack in the here-and-now of 2013 continue to have little understanding about what a...
   Now, after having seen our world through the prism of a downward spiraling economy, and with major businesses having failed or having been reorganized and/or downsized, the challenge to maintain standards and to practice ethical behavior is compounded.  While our leaders debate the pros and co...
Each independent business person, must choose their own method of operations with regard to telephone etiquette.  I dislike (and find it quite rude) interrupting a borrower, who may be signing a multi-million dollar transaction before me, to pause and answer a call from an unknown entity.  While ...
Anyone remember six months ago? That was when all the news reporting agencies were abuzz with stories about the intrusive TSA screenings and the pros and cons of privacy and the boundaries of pat-downs and X-ray technology that over-exposed us.  It was the fodder for late-night comics and others...
It seems that no matter what the circumstance, doomsayers show up with their little dark rain-cloud in tow overhead, to sprinkle doom and gloom all about. "Rates are going up", "Prices are climbing", "We haven't seen the bottom yet", "Financing takes forever", "You'll get less for your money", "T...
I remember my Mom saying that to me.     Still, I'm constantly amazed at the endless flow of doomsayers that continue to blog away!  The fact is, that we are all alive, we've survived the worst of it and things have improved and are now beginning to rebound. Perhaps we will never again see the "g...
First: Do no harm.   Sure, it sounds an awful lot like the words attributed to a Doctor's Hippocratic Oath.  This "oath" is widely believed to include the words written above.  But alas, it does not.   A better place for these words it would seem, is with those who accept our advertising dollars....
A few years ago, I remember being greatly annoyed with a National Organization for Notaries where I was a member.  This organization is supposed to be dedicated to the promotion of excellent notarial practice and the support of it's membership. As a member, I soon found that their true interest s...

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