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In Part I, Mortgage Brokers Save You Money-Part I we noted that mortgage brokers generally offer better financing packages than banks.Let's examine this issue in more detail. Bank lenders only offers mortgage products from their own (usually very limited) products the bank produces. Sometimes ban...
Interesting AP story about road rage. Having grown up in Miami, and frequently visiting relatives there, sometimes it can be more exciting than a day at Disney World!New survey puts Miami on top of rude-driver list By SARAH LARIMER The Associated Press MIAMI — For the second consecutive year, Mia...
Bellingham offers a wide range of recreational and sight-seeing opportunities.Staying for a weekend, or a lengthy stay? Check out some of these Web sites for more details on enjoying your stay!Order a visitors packet! Just click the link below... FREE visitors packetBellingham's Best Buys! Get a ...
You finally got the house you wanted! You should be happy as a lark. But what if, after moving in, you discover you could have gotten a much better financial deal? Would you still be as happy as a lark? It is quite possible to get the best deal, by using a mortgage broker. First a disclaimer: a m...
BY THE NUMBERS Homes sold through April 30: 919 Same period in 2006: 1,073 Homes listed for sale on April 30: 1,705 Condominiums: 600 MEDIAN SALE PRICE April: $271,556 March: $271,000 April 2006: $265,000 SOURCE: NORTHWEST MULTIPLE LISTING SERVICE Looking for a home or condominium in Bellingham o...
It's good to see more lenders intervening to assist current homeowners, and reduce the number of foreclosures! The following strategies should assist many families. Financial and political pressure are motivating lender to try to avoid foreclosures, lenders are taking action on several fronts: F...
As one of many loan officer in Bellingham, I need to distinguish myself from competing mortgage companies and banks offering home loans. One way is the wonderful ActiveRain Web site! I've had two prospects contact me after discovering me on the ActiveRain site!Customer service is a key component...
Bellingham Washington, and other cities in our state, continue to defy the national trend of declining home prices. Does this mean that purchasing any home is a good investment? - NO!Home buyers need to make & take the time to get a home AND LOAN they can truly afford, especially is a short term...
The Adobe PDF file format is a standard for most city, state, and federal government agencies.Have to correspond with a client or prospect who doesn't have the same version of Microsoft Word as you do? PDF is a great option. Adobe provides the Acrobat reader for free.Another option for scanning ...
I doubt many of us pay any attention to the 'Mineral Right' clause hidden away in the stack of papers at a loan closing. This is a fascinating story or a guy in Yakima who discovered high quality petrified rocks; However, it wasn't just a few fragments, it was a forest of different species of tre...

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Welcome to the Great Northwet (rains a lot). My soapbox for the home loan business and lifestyles in Bellingham, Whatcom County, Skagit County and Washington state.

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